#BowtieAmbassadors – Ashley Taylor and Her Awesome Telling of Becoming a Pipster

On February 13th, I was watching The Voice, acting like a judge: looking away until I heard someone I like. I heard this 19 year old contestant tell his story, and was eager to listen to him sing. After he sang those first words “They call the rising sun” I got chills and couldn’t help smiling. When I looked at the screen and I saw Pip for the first time, I felt something inside me I can’t explain.

I’ve kept up to date with Pip after that and when voting opened, I was so persistent to get votes for him. I decked out my skateboard and surfboard with Pip decorations, I left notes around town saying “Vote Pip“, I even started bowtie Friday at my school in honor of Pip and if I surfed on Friday, I’d wear my bowties surfing. On Pip’s birthday I ordered a pizza from Domino’s and had them write ‘Happy Birthday Pip’ all over the box. I’ve never been into celebrities, so my family and friends were quite surprised.

I wanted to stay up to date with Pip, so I created my Twitter, East Coast Pipsters. When Pip announced he was going to start Pipstarter, I was so excited to be apart of the project! I wanted to help, so I created an eBay account to sell old clothes so I could raise money. I felt like I needed to contribute more, so me and the other Pipsters did a bit of promoting. When I say promoting, I’m talking about creating facebook events, spamming celebrity accounts with donation tweets, using the Top Trends to promote, etc. It was a wonderful sight to see Pipstarter funded with $29,755!

My family and friends have said I’ve become more outgoing, more confident and I seem to be more responsible. I’d like to thank Pip for this. You’ve honestly made a huge impact on my life. People judge me on my height and how young I look before they get to really know what I can do, so I could relate to your story  and loved watching you blow the judges away. You look young, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do big things. I also learned if you want something, work hard to make it happen. I am so amazed that you funded Pipstarter with 114% and you’re making an album in such a short amount of time! It’s inspiring how far you’ve come since the first time I saw you on The Voice. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a role model you are to me.

I’d also like to thank my Pipster family. I’ve really enjoyed working with them on Pipster projects and  tweeting with them about Pip. They’ve helped me grow over my horrible shyness and that’s truly such a wonderful feeling. It’s also been great talking to Pips wonderful sisters, Bridget and Eileen. They are super sweet girls and have been so friendly to me and the Pipsters. I’ve became pretty good friends with some of the Pipsters so thanks for the new friendships and thanks for making me feel apart of the Pipster Family(:

It’s been an amazing journey encouraging Phillip from the very beginning, watching him make his dreams come true. I would definetely  say being a Pipster has made a huge impact on my life, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of being one. Phillip, thanks again for inspiring me and so many other people. Stay golden. (:

-Ashley Taylor

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