#BowtieAmbassadors – Raven and Her Riveting Tale of Being A Pipster

Dear Steph and Pip,

How did I become a Pipster? Right when I first heard Pip’s story at the blind auditions, I knew for sure he was going to win. I didn’t hesitate at the idea. He was a sure talent, and did beautifully. I bought every single song he sang on the show on Itunes right after the episode ended. I sang the songs the way he did on the way up to my track meets, and got a lot of people in to him as well. Shortly, I had one of my best friends singing right along with me! His voice is just so magical, I would just watch in awe at the television of how someone could be that talented!

Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was Pip’s final day on The Voice. Of course, I had no idea! I said to myself, ” If Adam sends him home, I will not watch this show anymore this season.” And I don’t recall doing so! I turned off the television after Adam said Pip, and went to my room and bawled. BAWLED. I was completely devestated and appalled that he could send someone home with so much talent! By the way, I, Raven Darlene Durben, NEVER, EVER, cry. It just doesn’t happen. So when he got sent home I was shocked with my self about me crying over something Pip should have been crying about! That’s the impact he and his voice, the bow and the suspendered small-town Georgian boy, had on me. When I told my friends, you should have seen their faces. Pip,if you pick me to recieve one of your glorious bowties, you will see the happiest pipster in the world. Guaranteed. It would be protected in a glass case in my room, with alarm sensors or a trap, so if someone tries to touch it, they’re screwed. Thanks for doing this. Whoever wins this bowtie is a really lucky person.

With love,


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