#BowtieAmbassadors – @PipsBowties and Her #PipsterStory

My journey as a Pipster began on the cold night of February 13, 2012. My mom was in the mood for one of her rare family nights, so I was forced to join the family around the T.V. She was flicking through channels, and stopped on NBC where The Voice just happened to be on. I was checking the messages on my phone when a beautiful voice filled the room. I was captivated by his unique sense of style and his angelic voice in an instant. From that moment on I started supporting him with my whole heart. I voted for him every single week, every possible way I could. At that point I realized I wanted to do more for him than just vote.

I had noticed that Pipsters were creating several fan accounts on twitter and I wanted to join in on the action. It was on that day that I created my fan account, @Pipsbowties. I was on twitter just about every waking moment of the day after that. All the Pipsters were so welcoming and sweet. I knew this fan base was different. They weren’t malicious or nasty to each other, but they were like one, big family. I spent so much time getting to know my Pipster Family and Pip better that my friends had to change my twitter password every Sunday night and then tell me it on Friday evening.

Soon my friends started getting annoyed with my constant talking about Pip. They didn’t want to hear it, but I kept talking about him. I wanted to make them some of my fellow Pipsters. I told them random facts and made them listen to his spectacular music. One by one they started to like him. And one by one they started calling themselves Pipsters too. About a month after I had gotten my twitter, the Pipster Pledge came out. My friends and I got took the pledge together. We all vowed that we’d always be by his side-no matter what. We stuck true to our promise even after Pip got eliminated from the voice because we knew that kid was going places.

Soon after Pip got eliminated, he asked all his fans to help him make his debut album. From that moment I started countless hours of promoting and hours of raising money all for a boy that I’d never even met. I ended up raising close to $150, but my mom wouldn’t let me use her credit card to donate. That didn’t stop me from making helping Pip make his dream a reality. I sent it to my friend that was also donating, and I asked her to add it to her donation. I was extremely thrilled that Pip’s goal was overshot by almost $4,000.

Today, I’m working on several Pipster projects along with other members of Team Bow Tie. For me it has been an absolutely amazing journey with Pip and my Pipster Family. Thank you, Pip, for impacting my life in such a positive way. I can’t wait for the next section of my journey.


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