#BowtieAmbassadors – Patricia Pledges Team Bowtie

February 13th started out like a regular day. I was looking forward to coming home to watch The Voice. I was NOT going to miss a single second of the show. Artist after artist performed, but so far there had only been two artists that I loved throughout the past two episodes. Then, as I was tweeting about the show, Carson announced the next contestant, Pip. I saw him and thought, “Aw, this kid is so cute!” Then, it came time for him to sing. I was blown away. He was FANTASTIC. I remember chanting in my room, “PICK ADAM!!! PICK ADAM!! GO WITH ADAM!!” I was ecstatic to know that Pip was on my idol’s team.
As the weeks went by, I kept telling my friends about Pip and basically forced them to listen to his version of “House of the Rising Sun”. They loved it. I talked about him so much that my friends said I was “obsessed.” Of course, I wasn’t going to deny it because it was pretty much true. Week by week went by and every single week Pip performed, I’d beg my parents for iTunes cards and called in as many times as I could to vote. It was finally time for the live rounds and when Pip announced that he would be performing “When You Were Young” by The Killers, I literally screamed. I couldn’t believe it. The Killers is one of my all time favorite bands and there was my all time favorite singer killing it on stage. To this day, I still can’t pick my favorite version of the song.
Pip’s next project was the Pipstarter. I wanted to help, but seeing as my family was having financial problems, my parents wouldn’t let me contribute. I felt terrible, but he was still able to pull through and even go over his goal. At that moment, I felt so proud of him because he has come so far.
Pip, you’re in the process of writing and making sure things all go well with your album. The thing I love about you is that you’re such a great, wholehearted guy. We all know how busy you must be. Let’s face it, making an album is nothing simple. A ton of work, time, and effort has to go into it if you want it to work. The fact that you’re putting all your effort into this album and are still able to find time for your fans is incredible. You’ve inspired a ton of people, including myself, to not let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you love.
Thank you to Pip and everyone that’s been a part of this journey. Through all of you, I’ve made some new friends and I consider you all to be family. Pip, Pipsters have been with you since the very beginning of your journey and you can definitely count on us to be there until the very end. 🙂
– Patricia Vasquez aka @runninfromliOns

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