#BowtieAmbassadors – Ana Shows International Affection for Pip

My little story began 2 years ago, when I watched 1st performance of
the show The Voice.  I liked it at all! It was amazing! I was
watching how people showed their talent and potential. And of course I
wanted to see the next season of the show. And something happened with
I began to see the 2d season of “The Voice”. And I saw Him!
Really! It was like miracle! I don’t lie! I saw different guys but Pip
was person who made me smile!
When I saw him I said: “Oh, my God! He’s so lovely! His style is so
nice! I like it!” And then I listened his voice and realized that it’s
the most beautiful and clear voice I’ve ever heard!”  And I was sure
all coaches would push their button down, and I was right!
What else can I say about my 1st look?
The performances of Pip were very exciting. And I like the song “The
House of the Rising Sun” so Pip became my favorite artist.
And also I though: “He’s so young and so talent! I also want to be
such a great person.”
After 1st performance of Pip I began to work hard! Hahaha! It was
not hard, and it was real pleasure for me! I found different videos with
Pip, and information about him. I wanted to share all of this with my
friends and my social friends. I wanted all people support this guy! I
dreamed he’d be winner.
Then some time I couldn’t watch “The Voice”, school was more
important. But I didn’t miss performances with Pip. His little steps
to the 1st place was the most happy event!
And there was the time when I was so busy that I didn’t watch the
show. And my friend phoned me and said: “Anna, mmmm…sorry..He was
eliminated..” Oh! I was shocked! Really! I couldn’t believe it! I
decided! I’d still be a Pipster!
My 1st step was when I dedicated little site to Pip and got
information about him. I wanted to share my love with other people.
But 1st I live in Russia, and that means that I don’t get certain sites in the Russian
language, so I’d translate all information. 2d people in Russia are
not so friendly as in America for example. So I tried to get
encouragement from them.
For me Pip is talent, goodness, smile, potential and hope! Thanks to
him I’m more purposeful, more kind and more happy! I’m proud of be
Pipster! It’s great name! I’m Pipster!!! I’m very happy to be the part
of this wonderful Pip’s world!

Ana – @AnaSelyackowa

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