#BowtieAmbassadors – Becca Believes in the Power of Pip

 My journey as a Pipster started after I watched his audition video on YouTube. I was so busy at school that I couldn’t always catch every episode of The Voice but I made sure to catch up when I could.  The moment I saw Pip’s audition, I got chills and he was instantly my favorite to win. I cheered loudly for him every time I saw him on the show, I always got so into it that my roommate thought I was crazy.

  I knew there was something special about him though.  I am a Music Education Major, so I am a musician myself. I play the clarinet and I know that being a musician is not always easy but as long as you have the passion and drive for it, you can accomplish great things. Pip is a huge inspiration to me because he has all the drive and passion for music, and he has a positive upbeat attitude about life.  Seeing Pip succeed is an inspiration for young musicians everywhere that if they work hard enough they can do it too. I also like that he keeps in touch with his fans, and that he has such a great fan base that will support him through everything. I am extremely happy that the KickStarter got funded and I can’t wait to add more songs to my Pip playlist! Can’t wait to continue this journey with Pip and the rest of the Pipster family!

Love you Pip!

Pipster for life!

Becca Kolar


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