#BowtieAmbassadors – Becca R and Her Love for Pip

I never really had a favorite on The Voice until Pip came along. When I saw his interview before his audition, I noticed that he was really cute, had an awesome style, and seemed sweet. His audition was jaw dropping! (Literally, I sat on my couch speechless!) His version of “House of the Rising Sun” was amazing! When all four coaches turned around for him, I was so happy! He was my favorite from then on out! Every time I hear Pip sing, I become a bigger fan of him! When it was the battle rounds, I was scared because Nathan is a really good singer also. They both did very well singing “You Know I’m No Good”. When Adam chose Pip, I knew from then that he had a good chance of winning the whole thing. When it came to the live performances, I was so excited to see Pip perform “When You Were Young”. I really like that song and his version of it. The next day, when it was the results, I went out to dinner with my family. We nearly made it home in time. I jumped out of my car and ran downstairs and turned the TV on right as they were announcing who was saved by America. When Pip wasn’t the one of the first two saved, I was literally shaking I was so nervous! When I heard his name, I screamed and jumped around my basement. I was so excited that Pip was one step closer to finals.

His last performance on the show, “Somewhere Only We Know”, was my favorite. I love the way he made the song his own! During his performance I told my friend (who doesn’t really watch the Voice often) to vote for Pip. I told her every vote counts and he needs them all! I told her the number and she called it, but she said it didn’t work. I just thought that was because voting had not opened yet. At the end of the show, I was sure that Pip would stay. Everyone loves Pip! But when Adam sent him home, I was so pissed! I seriously started to cry and I have hated Adam ever since. (Well not hate, but I like him A LOT less) I knew that by sending Pip home, Adam would send away his chance of winning the competition. My friend’s call wouldn’t work because he got sent home. L I told myself that I was done watching the Voice after Pip was sent home, but I needed to know who won.

I bought everyone of Pip’s performances on itunes. I have a pipster playlist on my iPod which includes all of Pip’s the Voice performances and his cover of “Sweet dreams” and his first original “Just Today”! I love all of his songs! His voice is so amazing and I can’t go a day without listening to one of his songs! None of his songs get old! I can seriously listen to them for hours!

I even made a twitter account just to follow him. Since I got a twitter, I have noticed how awesome of a person Pip really is. He cares about his fans and reads all of the tweets to him. I remember when he replied to the picture of my pipster shoes saying they look great. My shoes will forever be special! And then there was the time he thanked me for donating to his kickstarter. The thing that I love the most about Pip is that he cares for his fans. When I told him I was having surgery, he wished me luck! It is great knowing that the person you look up to cares about you! That made me a little less nervous for my surgery. Thanks for that Pip! ❤

When I heard about the pipster project, I wanted to help! It was so much fun coming up with my 3 words to describe Pip. They were breathtaking, handsome, and classy! (Which are all true) The project came out awesome! (Thanks to Steph!) I loved watching his reaction to my entry as well as the others!

I would say I have been a pipster since the very beginning. I love being a pipster because I know that Pip is an awesome guy who can really sing! He is super talented!  Getting a twitter has connected me with many other pipsters. Now I have other people who I can talk to about Pip! I can’t wait for Pip’s album to come out. I know that it will be amazing! Pip is so inspirational and I look up to him! I hope that one day I have a chance to meet Pip! (It is on my bucket list!)

-Becca (@beccalovespip)

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