#BowtieAmbassadors – Felicia Faithfully Become Comes A Pipster

      So one night I was watching The Voice auditions, and of course I saw many amazing and talented singers! On every singing competition I am always looking for that one person that really stands out to me. Well for me that was Pip! Now you may ask why? Well that’s easy. His style, good looks, and talent made him the one to support. The song “ The House of the Rising Sun,” had a new twist to it when Pip sang it, and it was awesome!

    So after I decided that I wanted Pip to be the Voice I would get so excited every time he performed! As much as I also loved Nathan’s voice I was super ecstatic when Pip won their battle round. Those two could not have sang “ You Know I’m No Good,” better it was awesome!
In the next couple weeks Pip had yet another two amazing songs that he did, and in my opinion they were awesome! Then sadly even though he sang “ Somewhere Only We Know,” so beautifully it could bring you to tears, he was eliminated. All Pipsters felt very confident that we could get him back through for the next week with our votes. So having this opportunity taken away from us was depressing. Even though Adam made the worst choice he still was his coach, and did help him along the way, so I still respect Adam. Thankfully The Voice was  not the end for Pip!
Not too long after the Voice I decided to create my fan page @Pipster365. I would have to say it happened to be one of the awesomest decisions I have made! Here I met the other Pipsters that shared the same devotion to Pip as I did. They helped me gain more followers, and I could never thank them enough!
After The Voice when Pip launched his Kickstarter I spent my time promoting it. Which was very enjoyable for me. One thing I am sad about though is that I wasn’t able to donate myself. My mom would not let me use a credit card to donate. I really tried to get her to let me though! I am glad I did what I could though to promote his Kickstarter, and am so thankful to those who could and did donate! You guys are awesome! We were all smiles the day the deadline was reached! Pip was gonna be able to get his album funded, and we all knew it would awesome!!!
This journey as a Pipster has been amazing with many rewards throughout. Some great rewards for my time spent supporting Pip have been: Pip’s awesome sisters Bridget and Eileen following me, Pip following me, Nathan following me, and of course all Pipsters out there who followed me! You are all awesome! Also I was extremely happy when Pip said I did a good job on my posters during the viewing of the best fan video ever! I will forever continue on this fan journey hoping to someday meet Pip! I will always support the boy with the bowties, and love for bacon!


Felicia aka @Pipster365

NOTE: I used the word awesome quite a few more time than I usually would in honor of you Pip! :p

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