#BowtieAmbassadors – Gissel Gives Her Love to Team Bowtie

While watching the voice on February 13th someone caught my eye.What I didn’t know was that this someone was going to have an impact on my life. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let’s start from the beginning.

On February 13th I was watching The Voice. I had been watching the show when all of a sudden and boy in a bow tie, converses and suspenders caught my attention. I could tell right away that this guy on my T.V screen had to be a great singer. I mean his style of clothing said it all. Then it was his turn to go on stage and sing for the four coaches. I knew he had to be nervous. Shoot I was nervous for him. Then he step foot on stage and the music started playing in the background, I closed my eyes and waited for him to start singing. When he opened his mouth and words started come out I was stunned. He had an such an amazing voice. Throughout the song I was just sitting there with my mouth open and completely in shock. It was when he stopped singing that I had noticed that all four coaches had turned around for him. Then Blake asked him what his name was and he responded “Pip”. All I could think about was that was a perfect name for him. I wanted him to win. I didn’t even need to hear anyone else. He would be my favorite singer and he would win The Voice. The next day I went on twitter and followed him. I need to know what he was up to. When I typed in Pip so many twitter accounts came up for him. At that moment I knew that all of America had heard the same precious voice I had heard, I also knew at that moment that all of America was behind him. What I didn’t know was that this people and I would become friends. We had given are self the title Pipster and it was an honor and privilege to be called a Pipster. I soon started to talk to all the other Pipsters and we quickly became friends. This was one of the most amazing fan base I had ever seen and I was proud to be part if it.
 Lets fast forward to a horrible day.
On this day I was watching the voice and Adam Kicked Pip off the show. I was sad and angry at the same time, but I knew this wouldn’t be the end for Pip in fact it would only be the beginning. He had such an amazing fan base and they wouldn’t leave him. He was a winner to me and better things would come. I mean we had trended #SavePip and #HappyBirthdayPip worldwide, not all fans do that. I knew that all these Pipsters would stick by him and we did just that.
After his journey on The Voice ended all Pipsters had still stick by, I know that this was the hardest thing we would have to overcome and we did just that. We overcame this little bump in the road and look at all of us today. We helped Pip pass his kickstarter goal and now he is going to make a beautiful album. We made an amazing #PipsterProject for him.
Being a Pipster has changed my life because it makes me proud of who I am. It taught me to not give up on my dream and that being yourself is alright don’t be anyone your not. We all respect and talk to each other, we are friends. I made the choice to be a Pipster and I believe that, that was one of the greatest choice I have made till this day.  Although being a Pipster is not just another name given to me its a responsibility and it’s what makes me who I am today. I made this choice and I can’t imagine life any different. I am honored to be a Pipster and honored to be supporting such an amazing. Thank you Pipsters and Pip, I am forever a Pipster and will support you all. Thanks you all.
On that note, are you ready for Pip’s album? (:
– Gissel Salas aka @Salas_Gissel

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