#BowtieAmbassadors – Jordan Jumps Into Action as @PipsBlueHoodie

Hello everyone,
I became a Pipster probably when The Voice first aired because I just fell in love with his voice, personality, and his looks. Ever since I was glued to my tv every week. I voted for him during the lives and followed his YouTube channel. I watched his ustreams and always wanted to know what was going on. I was very luck to be able to attend one of the live shows in LA and listened to his amazing voice which drew me in even more. Ever since becoming a pipster I have created a pipster twitter account called PipsBlueHoodie and followed other Pipsters from all around the country that I feel I have connected to. The Pipsters are like a family and welcome everyone in with open arms and when I first made my account right before the live shows began I was scared at first no one would follow me or want to chat with me but I was quickly proved wrong. We all connected and we all have stories about Pip. When Pip was eliminated we still loved him and knew he was still the voice! We all do everything to follow him and we tweet him constantly! When us Pipsters started doing ustreams I was very lucky that Pip joined in mine and asked me questions and that’s when I realized I loved Pip even more because he truly does care about his fans and try’s to interact with them! We have supported Pip so far and honestly I think that we can get Pip to the top of the charts and the next big thing!

Pipster For Life,
Jordan aka PipsBlueHoodie

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