#BowtieAmbassadors – Michelle Becomes More Than Just @PipsYimBracelet

Ok this has been long overdue, but I really wanted to share my story with you guys. So, here it is 🙂 How i became a pipster is actually one of pure luck! I had never watched the voice nor did i ever intend to but my aunt does. We went shopping and of course it was a voice day so naturally she had to watch it. Interested, also having nothing else to do, I watched too. My bestie Tori was bugging me to see it anyway. It had just started with auditions and i first noticed the judges, suprised to see they were actual recording artists (no offense to american idol) and became intrigued by the brave people willing to sing to the back of chairs of such amazing singers! And their bickering! God they acted like children fighting over them, which i found highly amusing. So there i was already loving the show when all of a sudden a bowtie- converse wearing cutie shows up on the screen. He was southern Georgia boy who didn’t care what people thought of him but was also determined to show the whole world what he had to offer (amazing what you get from a little pre carson interview huh?) Well imagine my surprise when i heard him sing! Right when he opened his mouth i could not believe the vocal range he had. He was smooth and confident and i found myself already rooting for him! All 4 chairs turned just like i knew they would. His looks caught my attention, his voice stunned me beyond belief, and that 3 letter name has come to mean so much to me now. It wasn’t until i followed him on twitter and watched his ustreams that made me love him even more! His passion, humor, and down to earth personality was very warming and completely genuine, it also stole my heart. In those few moments, in that incredible audition, i knew he would be my favorite. Of course i loved them all but only one could win so i rooted for him and i’m pleased to say have never missed an episode since. I eventually became more involved in his fandom through twitter, and being new to the whole fan-girl process surprised it came so easily. I was teambowtie/pipster and proud! Then i noticed the many fan accounts of Pip clothing and couldn’t help but love the fandom! More and more accounts were made and one tweet from his beautiful sister Bridget teasing about how there wasn’t an account for his bracelet, led me to an idea that quickly formed. I had been tweeted once by him but decided it was time to stop annoying the non-pipsters and devote an account completely for him. Thanks to Bridget i am now PipsYimBracelet and could not be more honored to have my account titled after something so important, which he also followed that same day! Of course i was estatic but a little bummed i didn’t get to bother him for a follow lol. For those who don’t know just how amazing this wristband is, well it’s all due to the incredible Stewart Hay! He truly was an inspiration defined. Even though hes not here today his legend still lives on through such a beautiful organization and his kids, Cam and Machaelie Hay, who are undeniably amazing. It was no surprise that Pip helped promote such a remarkable organization that was created for youth to be involved in mission work! So of course i was heart-broken when adam eliminated him! I was so angry that i even said a few things im not so proud of.. you know because he could actually see my tweets! Lol but it didn’t matter because i knew this would not be the last the world would see of Phillip Andrew Arnold! Now he’s creating an album, with our help, and here we are still as strong and crazy as ever. (I must admit i never truly forgave adam but im getting over it lol) Pip impacted my life in a way most artists dream of impacting their fans lives. He displayed courage in the face of nerve-wreaking and scary chances all in the pursuit of his dreams, which gave me hope in the pursuit of mine. He also led me to the most amazing girls, i haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, but have became a daily part of my life. He is the reason we are pipsters and along the way we became something more, we became a family. A crazy one but one i know i will always be apart of. I am and will forever more be a Pipster at heart.

– Michelle aka @PipsYimBracelet

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