#BowtieAmbassadors – Sam aka The Guitar Chick turned Pipster

   Many of the Pipsters see me as the one that is always making jokes about wanting to “Tap” Pip or do some weird things to him with food, but that isn’t all there is to my interest in him.  There is way more.

    I’m not going to say how my life was changed forever when I first heard his voice because that’s not totally true for me.  I wasn’t a total Pipster from the start.  I loved his voice, and he was my favorite from team Adam, but overall, it was RaeLynn.  Of course I cheered him on, listened to his music, and did some fan-girling, but it wasn’t until much later that I became a huge Pipster. 

      I actually didn’t become a huge Pipster until after Pip was eliminated from the show.  After he was, I started talking to a ton of the other Pipsters.  Because of that, all I would ever talk to my friends about was Pip and bacon!  These people have changed my life forever.  Unlike most people, they don’t judge me by the way I look, but by my admiration of the musician that we all bond over.  Being the no body I am where I live, being with these amazing people on Twitter every day is one of the best things I could imagine.
                Then there is THE man himself, Pip.  He tries to acknowledge all of his fans’ existence.  I’ve been tweeted and retweeted by him.  It meant a lot to see that he is this close to his fans.  He does UStreams, talks to us, and so many more special things.  One of them is this contest.  There is no way to describe how awesome I think he is.
                My passion for Pip hasn’t gotten anywhere near as far as many of the others Pipsters’ have, but I do have a lot of feelings for Pip.  I don’t obsess to my family, or wear bowties, suspenders, and converses, but I do obsess to these fantastic people on Twitter. The fact that they are who made me a Pipster is much better than me being a Pipster on my own.  Without them doing that, I probably wouldn’t be writing this today.
– Sam LePre aka @GuitarChick001

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