#BowtieAmbassadors – Yarida Sings Pip’s Praises

How Did I Become A Pipster.?

Well, let’s go back to that day 2/13/12 when Phillip Andrew Arnold (Pip) was on The Voice. That day was the day that I knew for a fact I was a Pipster, because Pip was someone who stood out to me and I couldn’t help but kind of fan girl when all four judges turned for him. And well since that moment he made it past The Blind Auditions I instantly fell in love with him, his voice, and well his sense of style. There wasn’t a week I didn’t miss Pip (The Voice), or a day that I didn’t talk/mention him, and since then I always carry a bow tie around for luck. On 3/26/12 was the day I joined #TeamBowtie, I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be a part of something than #TeamBowtie. Then came the #PipsterPledge, where I was committed to Always Support Pip, and I have until this day, Always to be a leader, Supporter, and a friend to all Pipster’s, proud to say I have and I know that other

Pipster’s have too, Last but not least To Always Be #TeamBowTie, and I know that I always will because it has changed my life completely.

                                  How Being A Pipster Impacted On My Life?

To be honest being a Pipster changed my life because Pip’s helped me realize that if you follow your dreams you can get far no matter the age, the looks, or the style. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Pipster’s like me, and it’s crazy how we are all brought together because of Pip. Another thing I never liked to wear dresses, and one day I found a dress that matched a bow-tie that I’ve been dying to wear and thanks to Pip for bringing bow-ties to my life I actually wore the dress, my family went all out. I also think that being a Pipster has helped me to realize not to judge people for their looks but for who they are, as I think back I realize that Pip has made one of the biggest Impacts on my life. Pip’s in my Twitter bio, Facebook inspirational people, I Wear/Carry bowties because of him, he’s my wallpaper.. I don’t call it obsessed I just think he is a person I really care about and look up too. It’s like the day Adam let Pip go, I couldn’t stand but to cry a little because it hit me I wasn’t really thinking Pip would leave because there wasn’t a day I didn’t vote for him. Pip is my inspiration, hero, someone I know I can look up to, and for me to write this letter is crazy and I just wish Pip the best for the future and hope I get to see and meet him

          – Yadira Chavez
                     Twitter Name: @Me4EverFamous

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