Pipster Six Word Memoirs

For those who don’t know, if you’re a fan of Pip (“The Voice” Season 2 alum) you’re considered a part of a loving family called the Pipsters.  Being a Pipster means a lot of different things to many people.  So how does one summarize their journey as a Pipster into six words? Here’s what some of those Pipsters said.

He makes me smile everyday- @haleypipster (Haley Terzian)

Delightfully obessed in a wonderful way. – @TheClearRainbow (Lydia Lemier)

I love this fandom and Pip! – @PipsSuspenders (Ann Phan)

He made bowties and suspenders sexy-licious (Yes, sexy-licious is totally a word). – @Jonascrazy88 (Shaylin)

Enjoying this absolutely wonderful Pipster experience. – @Salas_Gissel (Gissel Salas

Inspires people to follow their dreams – @BKolar44 (Becca Kolar)

Pip inspires us all everyday. – @beccalovespip (Becca Ryskowski)

Continually inpsired by all of you. – @Team_Bowtie (Kristen Smith)

… And my own Pipster Six Word Memoir: Blessed on this crazy journey. – @stephlpham (Steph Pham)

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