30 Song Project: Day 4 – “Good Life” by OneRepublic

Track: “Good Life”

Artist: OneRepublic

Record: Waking Up

(Editor’s Note: Day 2 and 3 went missing while I was managing the site) 

What is the good life to you? Is it wealth? Power? Success? Family? The good life can mean a lot of things to everyone. OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder said it perfectly when he said… “Whatever it is that you wake up and you’re excited about, being able to do that as your job and have it feel like a job – that’s the good life.” When you love what you do and you’re able to support your family doing it – that to me is the American dream. When the listener hears the song, that message is definitely clear in the record.

What I love about the track is that it resembles the group. Whenever I was watching a video of them on tour, one of the members said that their goal as a musical act is to have an impact on people.  Look at today’s “chart topping acts.”  Moving and inspiring people as artists tends to be less a priority for lots of musicians today.  It is completely refreshing seeing OneRepublic take their mission as a group so strongly.

Ryan says that this song came about while he was in London reminiscing on how there were able to travel to places like London and China.  Seeing the world he thought, “man this is the good life.”  While on thought, he also highlighted the fact that life is not always going to go our way. There will be lows, but if we focus on the positive we are able to live the good life.

My pastor today had a smilar message to Tedder’s.  In this metaphorical desert we sometimes stumble upon in life, we will get weary. We will want to give up. The main focus is to dig down deep, and push through and cross that “desert” over to the good life.  The biggest key is to find your support system and be optimistic. Things will knock us down, but we have see the bigger picture.  The good life is out there for everyone. So, the question remains… Are you living the good life?

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