Diary of the Daily Ear Worm – “Gonna Get Over You” : Sara Bareilles feat. Ryan Tedder

 Track: “Gonna Get Over You”

Artist: Sara feat. Ryan Tedder

Record: iTunes exclusive single of “Gonna Get Over You” feat. Ryan Tedder

We all know that catchy tune Ceelo gave us… You know the one that starts with an F and ends with a YOU? Well, thanks to some YouTube trolling… I found a track today that feeds off the same emotions as the earworm Mr. Lo gave us earlier.

Released last year on her Kaleidoscope Heart record, Sara takes us back to the sounds of the soda shop melodies we love in the era of Doo-Wop. However, she puts her own modern twist to it.  Being a HUGE fan of those soda shop melodies (my dad blasted 60s music in the car when I grew up, and he still does), I love hearing these familiar harmonies and melodies of the period.

Bareilles and her bassist, Sam Farrar did an excellent job with the lyrics.  Not every break-up song needs to be full of angst, shouting or a morbid depressing ballad. They can be fun, and show the world that it is ok and life goes on. My favorite line would have to be

Say it’s coming soon,Someday without you. All I can do is get me past the ghost of you.

It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m not getting over you instantly, but I will eventually. My life will be so much better for it.”

Why did I choose to write about her version with Ryan Tedder? Ok, everyone knows I love Mr. Tedder and his group OneRepublic. However,I thought bringing in male vocals was a brilliant idea. Not only do Tedder and Bareilles voices mesh amazingly together, but it is the perfect metaphor.  It represents that both the exes are hurting. Even though they are, they will see the light and move on.

Shout out to Jonah Hill on his directoral debut! The music video was perfect. Captured that retro vibe with the modern day scene terrifically. Also, I love the choreography Sara put in the video! Some impressive swing dance and directing a whole bunch of people to look like a unified dance is not easy, but they did it! Plus the cinematography was great going from aisle to aisle, and the narrative twist at the end was hilarious.

Congrats to Bareilles and Tedder for recording a wonderful track together. It will be a great break up recovery anthem for many. Showing the world that love is out there, and life will go on.

Sara’s Music Video

Sara’s Version With Ryan Tedder

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