Diary of a Daily Earworm – “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” – Train

Track: “50 Ways to Say Goodbye”

Artist: Train

Record: California 37

Relationships do not always end ambicaly.  Sometimes, we just wish the worst to happen the one who stomps on our heart. For their sixth studio LP, California 37, Train delivers a track that is a great facetious and satirical way of “saying goodbye.”

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the obvious comment many make is that the verses sound erely familiar to the main theme of Phantom of the Opera. Although that maybe true, I think it fits perfectly to the tone of the song. It’s a dark song, but it’s also a comedic one.

Expanding on the score of track, I LOVE the mariachi element. It’s something completely different in pop music. Train is known for their iconic rock pieces, but adding new flavors shows that they can survive in an ever-changing industry.  True, they have added a lot of more “pop spice” to the recipe of their records now. It’s just a thing many artists cannot escape today… Take a look at Matchbox Twenty. They’re getting ready for thier big comeback, and their comeback track (“She’s So Mean”) is more “poppy” than their last records.

The lyrics of this track… BRILLIANT. Who says, “(She) got ran over by a purple crappy Scion?” All these ways of saying how his ex “died” are so exaggarated yet, so comically ingenious. I mean if my ex was a jerk, I’d want him to get eaten by a lion. Just sayin.

The music video was hilarious! I don’t know who directed it, but thank god it’s not like the typical music video. It’s actually narrative for one. The cinematography was great from shot a-z. It wasn’t static yet it didn’t give you a headache with a ton of dollys, trucks, zooms, etc. Oh, and can we just comment on the fact that Pat Monahan is friends with David Hasslehoff? They shop at the same market? Interesting…

So, if you’re in need of a good “revenge” track I say take a listen to “50 Ways to Say Goodbye.” I cannot wait for more material to come from the group. Monahan may be running out of ways to say goodbye, but he isn’t running out of success.


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