Frank Anthony – Showcasing His Multi-Talents to Growing A Fan Base

It seems like everyone can be a star these days with outlets like YouTube, SoundCloud, and other media platforms. But can everyone be like Frank Anthony?  It’s rare these days for a rising artist to work with major songwriters and producers, but thanks to Anthony’s multi-talents he’s gotten to work with some highly noted and respected professionals in the industry. I had the pleasure of speaking with young gentleman about his life and career upon the release of his “Sixty 8 Comeback Mixtape.”

1.   You’re a multi-faceted act. You sing, write, you’re an instrumentalist and you dance. Do you have a favorite part of performing?

I would say that my favourite part of performing, would definitely be crowd interaction. The singing, the dancing and all that are already a part of me.. and are what I love to do, but nothing gets me more excited then a positive crowd reaction. At the risk of sounding cliché.. its a high.

2.   Your music has a splash of Hip- Hop and R &B. How you incorporate several genres into your music and still make it your sound?

I would like to say that my delivery and personal touch, to the vocals on each song, are what generally make it “my sound”. We just try to incorporate sounds and melodies that are relevant in todays industry, and go from there… otherwise, my beats could be used for any artist.

3.   You’ve worked with some pretty notable people inthe industry such as Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Fat Joe, Beyoncé), Jason“Pooh Bear” Boyd (Kelly Rowland, 112), and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.How did you get to work with them, and how has their mentoring helped your career?

I was recording in vegas and LA, and one thing just lead to another. It was somewhat of a domino effect. One producer lead to another. My greatest influence came from Poo Bear. I tried to mold myself off of his songwriting style, and vocal production methods. They seem to work the best for me… He was also somewhat of a big brother figure for me, we have a good friendship.

4.   Your father was a performer, what is it like foryou to carry on his tradition of performing?

It feels right. Its where I want to be. As far as my father goes… I don’t think winning the lottery could make him happier …

5.   More and more artists today hide behind a lot of “smoke and mirrors.” How important is it to you to show audiences that you arethe “real deal?”

I am not too concerned with trying to prove anything to anyone .. I am me, as a person and as an artist. If you like it, you do. If you don’t, you don’t. There is a lot of hate going around the industry these days, and to be honest, Im not really trying to concern myself with any of it. Every artist who is signed to a major label, has a reason for being signed. You don’t just make it in the music business for no reason…. thats what people need to try and remember…

6.   You graduated from the Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. What was your degree in, and would you advise other musicians to further their education?

I graduate with a Business Marketing major. I would only encourage artists to further their education, if it was what they truly wanted to do. My biggest piece and most important piece of advice to anyone, artist or not… would be to follow your dreams and your heart!

7.   You’ve been a Big Brother for the past couple of years. What do you enjoy the most about the program, and are you involved in any other non-profit/charitable organizations?

I have been a big brother for almost 5 years now. It has been a very rewarding experience. My little and I have formed an amazing bond, and we are much closer than just a program match. He can come to me with anything, and I take pride in being able to act as a role model in his life. I am only involved in big brothers for now, but would love to do other work in the future.

8.   What is your dream venue you would like to perform at?

WEMBLEY STADIUM or SKY DOME (rogers centre) Toronto.. hands down!!

9.   Any touring plans or record releases coming up?

There are some tentative things in the works, for both single releases and tours. I am not at liberty to discuss it at the moment, but you will know when it happens 🙂

10. Following the “six word memoir,” in six words describe your life as a musician.

My life as a musician.. : hectic, non-stop, different, regimented, exciting, amazing.

To stay updated with Anthony’s career visit his website!

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