Why One Of My Life Goals Is To Work With OneRepublic

There is that list in life we keep of the people who would like to meet.  At first OneRepublic was on that list.  Then, the more I found out about the group itself, the desire for me to work with them grew stronger. After spending so much time in an industry that is chock-full of negativity surrounding it, I made a pact to myself that I would only work with people who kept a positive outlook.  OneRepublic not only embodies that positive outlook, they make it a mission to live it out daily.

Their music continues to have a powerful and positive impact on people.  The other night, I watched an episode of their “Good Life” series and someone from Luxembourg said that she was having a rough patch in her life, and the song “Good Life” lifted her spirits. Sure, every group or artist has music that cheers people up, but “Good Life” really is a pick me up. Not only for me, but for a lot of people. I remember hearing “Secrets” for the first time. There were legit chills sent through my body due to its haunting beauty. In the whole catalogue of OneRepublic, there is not one song that does not move me. Each song has significance. To say that about an artist is a pretty big statement.

I cannot stress to you how amazing I think it is that OneRepublic gets involved in charitable acts.  Their partnership with Save The Children is really wonderful. Like I’ve mentioned before, my sister’s passion for charitable and non-profit organizations have rubbed off on me. I want to work with artists who see beyond their job. They want to give back, and I love that OneRepublic makes that a part of their life. You can see it comes from an honest place too. Like they don’t feel like it’s work to help out others. How you can tell? The way they treat their own community — their fans.

Watching their series, one of my favorite parts was when they did spontaneous shows on their tour. When they were in Europe, they did a free midnight show at  night and two thousand people came out to the square. When Ryan went, “Wait. Before we sing any song… I want to you hear guys ‘Tell me what you want to heeeeear!” They all started singing and it was such a heart warming moment. Seeing so many gathered in positivity was amazing. Cops told them they could only do one song, they did 5. That one show wasn’t they only spontaneous show they did. They did one on the Charles Bridge, and one at Denver University in CO. I just love the effort they make going out and spreading love to their fans.

OneRepublic is not like any other group. They have such a high integrity about their music. Instead of using a traditional studio, they bought a house in Denver and made their studio. They wanted their own sound. Not only is their music highly important to them their support system is too.  Even if I don’t work with OneRepublic one day, the truly showed me that music has a power to heal, lift spirits and make people live the “good life.”

One Republic Sharing The Good Life in Vienna

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