YOU READ MY BLOG! – An Ode to “How I Met Your Mother”

Show: How I Met Your Mother

Cast: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris 

Network: CBS

Over the years, I connected with a lot of shows. So, why does “How I Met Your Mother” stand out from the rest?  Well for one simple reason – it is one of the few shows that my sisters will all sit down and watch. In addition to giving us a bonding ritual, “How I Met Your Mother” humorously lifts my spirits, teaches me life lessons, and more than anything has inspired me in a subject I care deeply about – love.

Uniting My Sisters and My Friends

Whenever my sisters and I did go on “HIMYM” marathons, it was something I enjoyed immensely.  We all love the show. Hearing my sisters laugh obnoxiously at the jokes makes me laugh. It really makes me happy seeing them relax and enjoy each other’s company. It does not happen a lot when we are all in school. I truly cherish the moments that we do spend together, whether it is grabbing a snow-cone or simply just sitting in front of the TV for a “HIMYM” marathon.

Not only do I talk about the show with my sisters, but with my friends as well! It was one of the early bonding ties for my friend Aaron and I. He used to call me Robin (even though I call myself more of a Lily – just watch the show, you’ll see what I mean). We’d have random conversations whenever we go to lunch, and I would always reference the show. Never fails – or in Barney’s words – True story. I really enjoyed discussing it, because it always just seemed to make me and quite frankly others happy.

The Show Goes On…

Now, the show has not officially opened up whether or not it will have its last season on season 8.  However, since the show might see its end in the “near future” I wanted to say this. We could be here all night if I wrote on all the amazing things I like about the show (there’s the extraordinarily witty and brilliant writing, the acting, — I’ll just stop myself before I get carried away). If I ever got to sit down with the cast or any of the crew (producers, writers, directors, etc). I’d tell them this…

“HIMYM” is something that cannot be shelved for many reasons. I admire Ted’s perseverance in love. No matter how many times he gets knocked down (and sometimes brutally) he goes after what he wants — and hey the show wouldn’t have his title if he didn’t.  Marshall is my ideal husband. Sure he’s not the cookie-cutter perfect husband – but who is really?  He’s dedicated, loyal, hilarious, and just has a massive amounts of qualities I adore — Segel is just brilliant with his delivery. The whole cast is a gem. Ted wouldn’t be driven without Josh Radnor’s portrayal, Robin wouldn’t be the witty, strong, courageous and awesome gal without Cobie. Neil has gotten so much critical praise for playing Barney, as he should. On today’s comedic television landscape he is seriously hands down one of most talented actors out there. And I wouldn’t be compared to the lovable, quirky, intelligent, and lovely Lily if it weren’t Alyson’s portrayal. So, to everyone involved… I thank you for giving me a show I can honestly connect with. It hasn’t happened in a long time. Thank you for teaching me to cherish the moments with your friends and family, continue to believe in love, and to live in the now… Why? Because life is LEGEN- WAIT FOR IT – DARY!


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