Breaking Down a Video Series: “All The Right Moves” OneRepublic

“This song is about keepin’ up with the Joneses, and how that’s an incredible waste of time.” – Ryan Tedder

Today the desire to show status has become more apparent than ever. To quote another line from one of OneRepublic’s other songs, “It’s like we’re chasing all those stars. Driving shiny big black cars. OneRepublic’s video  for “All The Right Moves” tells the band’s message of how sticking to the status quo is inevitably a monumental time waster.


Story basics:

Who is our hero (Protagonist): People would assume it would be the band. However, looking closer it is the young boy who introduces the group .

What does our hero want (Hero’s Quest): Simple, he just wants to make money to survive, and if conniving and scheming is the way to do that, he’ll get it.

What happens if our hero doesn’t survive (Conflict): What is the conflict? Well, he is at this extravagant ball. The question is, is everyone going to hand him money or are they going to snootily dismiss him? In the video you see him stealing a fancy pocket watch. If he doesn’t succeed he’ll go another day of begging, stealing and fighting to survive.

What is the meaningful conclusion (Resolution): Well, you do see a gentleman attending the ball playfully nudge the boy. But the real meaningful conclusion? Everyone leaves the ball — it commentates on society. If you try to follow everyone’s footsteps who else is there to become?

From the story to film elements…

The lighting is spectacular. I’m sure they used light kits, but they matched the practicals (aka the fixtures already in the set aka the chandeliers), creating this kind of gold tone to the room. You can see the change of light — It transitions from this sunset color to dark and dim by the video’s end. Which relates to the message: the glamour looks great in the beginning, but then it means nothing in the end.

The wardrobe department did a fantastic job. The gowns and suits looked fabulous, but do you realize what they wore? Masks… everyone’s hiding who they truly are. In a materialistic world, we got lost in our honest identity.

Speaking on the choreography: It really spoke to the thesis of the video as well. Everyone is doing this dizzy waltz just to keep up with the status quo. Towards the end they all looked robotic moving simultaneously in stacco movement.

Everything collectively has significance to the song’s overall theme. The director, treatment writer, and entire crew did a fabulous job executing the video. It takes a lot to create a music video, and I think in order to get your time and money’s worth — it has to relate and speak what the song is trying to say. Without a doubt, OneRepublic hit all the right moves.

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