EXTRA! EXTRA! Interviews With Music Pros to Come and an Update on Steph Pham’s Life

Hey, everyone!

The title might sound a little pretentious and arrogant, like I live some extravagant life I need to tell you about it. That is not the case at all. I have just been out of touch with everyone that I decided an update/rundown of current events is necessary.


This being my senior year (technically I am a super senior) in college, my work and school life have kicked into over drive. A lot of my classes are geared toward my minor in film. Which I have some exciting news! On occasion, I will be sharing my short film scripts with you that I write in class! So, be on the lookout!

This Blog… Are  You Writing Anymore? 

The answer is YES! OF COURSE! I have been writing for many years, and quite honestly stopping me would be pretty tough. There are some exciting things coming up!


I knew this was a huge pull to my site, and I am so thankful for everyone who has even glanced at my page. In fact just a couple days ago, I celebrated with all of you that over 4,000 have visited my humble little page. AND I SEE ALL OF YOU! From the states all the way to places like Germany, China, Singapore, India… ALL OVER THE WORLD, and I am truly touched you take the time to read my posts. Anyway, back to the interviews. YES THERE WILL BE MORE!

Right now, I am talking to a few people that possible published interviews are to come!

Nanea Miyata: This young lady is like my idol! I am so impressed with the work she has done with Philip “Pip” Arnold. Not only that her website (nanemiyata.com) is chockfull of beautiful photographs (that Nanea herself takes), wedding videography and her other works.

Chris Kale Jones: He’s probably best known for being in the touring production of the Tony Award winning hit musical, Jersey Boys. Chris and I corresponded when I was in high school. It’s amazing that we reconnected all these years, and I cannot to introduce you all to this talented man!

The New Velvet: This upcoming pop group started following me on Twitter, so that lead me to check out their music. They’ve got some great tracks and I can see a good interview coming from them!

Michelle Tomaszweski – Michelle is an awesome person! I interviewed her a few years ago for a class, and she is just a lovely person to learn from. Who is she? Well, she is responsible for some incredible looks you see on the stage, red carpets, and photo shoots. She’s styled for The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and other notable acts. It’s not confirmed, but I am working on getting the chance to interview her.

Paul Nowell: Aubrey Logan (the amazing Jazz Vocalist/Trombonist I interviewed Earlier) lead me to this terrific lad! I’ve checked out his material on youtube (PaulTheTrombonist) and it looks like a fun interview! He’s sounds amazing, and I cannot wait to talk to him!

So, there you have it! Things to look forward to and what’s been happening! On top of that, I have been just studying and spending time with the Phamily.

That’s it for Steph Pham news! Tune in next time for music reviews, interviews, and lots more to come!

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