Asher Monroe Throws a Good Bash in “Here With You” Video

It’s very rare these days that the music video matches the track’s theme and overall concept.  Asher Monroe dropped a video today that defies that entirely.  “Here With You” co-written by songwriter master Ryan Tedder speaks about living in the moment. Having a great time, and just focusing on being with that one person — hence here with you. Every element of the video embodies that message.

Regarding wardrobe — the fashion style of a video can play a major part. Here you have several looks — The classy suited- up debonair look (which is by far my favorite), the casual party, and the solo performance look rocking out the leather jacket. Each look fits a variety of moods.  That says no matter what you wear, any night is a good night to enjoy the company of your friends and blast up some rockin’ tunes.

Heavily driven in post-production, it gives the video a futuristic sense of wonderment. Making the viewer feel the energy and excitement each party goer endures. Props goes out to the FX and post-production department!

Wardrobe, post, lighting, everyone did a fabulous job assembling a fantastic video! Loved it from start to finish.

Asher is well on his way to break the mold of the traditional Top 40 broken record. *raises glass* Well done, Asher! You’re welcome to suit up anytime, Mr. Debonair! 😉

Watch The Music Video for “Here With You” here!

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