Update Part II — What’s Up in The World of Steph Pham

Hey, everyone!

My goal is usually to be the professional music journalist with a rep, but today’s a fun day! I have some more exciting news for you all!

First Order of Business…


So, as of Wednesday I am officially a part of the Union Programming Board! What UPB does is organize events for students on a daily basis. In a given year, they will conduct over 400 ‘happnenings’. So, you can imagine it takes a whole crew to pull off successful gatherings. I will be a part of the UPB crew, which basically gives our events the “wedding/prom” effect — making these events look pretty. I will be studying lighting and sound design, which of course in the concert field will be majorly beneficial! And guess what? I will be meeting all of our performers in the concert series! So what does that mean for you? INTERVIEWS! YES! INTERVIEWS! With some local yokals who are fantastic to some more well known acts we bring. So, I am nothing but thrilled to be a part of this organization.


Well, right now there is a ton of stuff dropping! Which is great news for all, so that way I can speak about it! So much is going on, and I would even love to touch on topics that deal with the record industry.


YES! YES! YES! Of course, there will be interviews! In addition to the ones I mentioned in my last post there will be more interviews!

I recently contacted:

Zach Pincus — A wonderful Indie artist who has a hybrid Pop Rock-esque feel to him. HE’S AMAZING! Love him, so I look forward to getting inside his head.

Lisa Davis: A major A & R and music executive – She’s a respected professional, and this will give you a chance to learn more about how the record labels think and work.

Michael Weeks (possibly/unconfirmed at the moment): If I can I’m going to try to set up an interview with Michael. I met him at an Austin conference. Even though he was a panelist speaking as a PR director, he KNOWS music. He worked in radio, and he is SO WELL versed in the record industry. Like it’s not even funny.

So, there you have it! MORE FUN THINGS TO COME! Let’s just hope I can make it all happen!

Thank you all for sticking around and tuning in!


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