Who Cares – Lip Dub/ Dance Video

Hey, gang!

Alright, you know the viral sensation that was ‘Call Me Maybe’ and now the dance craze that is ‘Gangnam Style.’ It’s time to make our boy Pip ‘viral’ with our own lip dub/ dance video. Promotion aside, it’s time to celebrate and have fun with his new single! It’s definitely danceable. The time has come to ask YOU to star in my new video.

The Video: What do I do? 

Well, it’s going to be hard to coordinate who lip dubs what… To save time you can either lip dub the whole  song, lip dub your favorite verse or the chorus. The more participate the more I don’t have to worry about shortage of lip dubbing. I’d rather have too much content than not enough. But all in all you can dance too! If you have swag choreo, BRING IT! You can just be goofy with it even! The point is to have fun.

Video Format: 

Please make sure the file format is .mov. THIS IS IMPORTANT! In some instances I can use a converter, but it’s just easiest if the file is .mov.

Turning Them In:

Email the videos to me at pipproject22@gmail.com The deadline will be next Friday 9/21/12 by 5PM EST.

Like always if you have questions just ask! Let’s have fun and get lots of people involved!

Thanks to Pip’s sister Eileen for the idea!



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