‘… The Show hasn’t produced a breakout star.’  – Chris Talbott — AP MUSIC WRITER

When you examine the TV scene today, there is a noisy landfill of singing shows (I.E. ‘American Idol,’ ‘The Voice, ‘Next,’ ‘X Factor). True, a lot of the times, you never hear about what the contestants are doing after the show, but a lot of them — especially from ‘The Voice’ are doing really well post their show stint. Published through AP, Chris Talbott recently wrote a piece claiming that the contestants ‘falter’ after the show, and struggle to find success. Despite what Talbott had to say, ‘The Voice’ is a show who’s sole purpose is to hold and nourish vocal integrity. In addition, there are a handful of contestants whose dreams are still flourishing well after their stint on the show.

Regarding the show’s view on talent… Ok, I agree… there tends to be this addiction spotlighting the judges. HOWEVER, that does not disregard the talent that comes onto the show. They mentioned how even though Javier Colon was extremely talented — he’s now looking for a record deal despite the one he won from the 1st season. To clarify, he dropped the deal from Universal Music Group, because they did not give him the proper promotion he needed to launch his material. TV show or not, this happens to a lot of label artists. In fact some of my friends are in that very situation. They have records for radio, the label’s just not wanting to give them air play (mainly to focus on their big ticket artists), but back to the point…

I could literally sit here all night and tell you all the amazing things that are happening with ‘The Voice’ contestants or that have already did. Dia Frampton (S1) – toured with Blake Shelton. Tony Lucca will tour with his S2 mate Justin Hopkins. Not only that he’s performed with Adam Levine, and Adam signed Lucca onto his record label. I interviewed Justin Hopkins, and he’s working on some material while he’s prepping for the Lucca/Hopkins tour. Tony Vincent (s2) released an EP recently. Nathan Parrett is prepping for a show, just did Spring Awakening in Concert, and he’s making an EP. Like I said, I could pretty much sit here all night and tell you how people are going onto greener pastures – post Voice but can I focus on one particular one?

Once upon a time, on Season 2 appeared a bow tie wearing, suspender sporting, lovable gentleman named Pip. Little did I know this man would light a spark in my life.

I love my family, and there are first and formost my rock and foundation. But thanks to Pip I added a huge family to my own – the lovely community of Pipsters. Not only that, but his own family has taken me under their wing and has given me so much support it’s surreal. Back to Pip…

Ok, 1) No one has a voice like his. NO ONE. He’s vibrantly unique, and uses full advantage of that. He’s not letting anyone tell him to be anyone else. He’s Pip through and through. The show never took away from that.

2) Pip’s an example of success after the show. He’s just released a debut single (which has 12,000+ views, by the way and you can view it here 

). Not only that he’s had numerous performances since his departure, and once No Formalities comes out, that was fully funded by his Kickstarter, he’ll be planning a tour. Things have not slowed down. He’s working with his manager and team to get a record deal. Yeah, Pip’s not doing anything post ‘The Voice?’ Please, he’s so busy it’s difficult to get a moment of his time nowadays. 😉

3) The thing I love about Pip is that he’s basically become my mentor over the past couple of months. True, I am older than him, but he has so much wisdom beyond his years that he guides me and my moves on what I should do to get my career in the music industry. That mentor/student relationship would have never happened if it weren’t for ‘The Voice.’ Plus, he’s one of the most interactive musicians I have ever met. The sheer volume of kindess and graciousness he gives to his support system is insane. If I had it my way, he’d be teaching ‘Fan/Musician relations 101.’ All in all, I’m just really happy I got to know the gentleman. Truly, that would have never been possible without the show.

To close this extremely long novel, I have this to say… Season 3 kicks so much ass thus far (S/O to D’borah! Thanks for the follow! #TeamXtina). There’s some incredible talent, and regardless of label contract or not these people will go places. To finish — Mr. Talbott these people are incredible, and your argument is irrelevant. Go ahead…. Push… My… Button.

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