The Ideal Man Assignment- Why I Chose Pip

To this day, a class discussion from ninth grade history remains etched in my memory. One day, the teacher asked us ‘So, story characters aside, who is your ideal mate? This was the supplement to our lecture of the ‘Renaissance Man/Woman’ the person who had/did it all to be the ideal mate. Even now, I ponder on the question: ‘Who has all those qualities’ I’m looking for in a gentleman? Beyond being extremely talented – Pip’s thoughtfulness and sincere personality, amongst many other wonderful qualities make him the ideal ‘Renaissance Man’ to me.

He Makes Me Laugh….

Logically speaking, being around a positive person makes you positive person.  I’m drawn to laughter. My favorite show is ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Whether he makes goofy material up (like singing about ‘Double Double’ Cheeseburgers ;)) or says random hilarious things, I am so thankful Pip keeps me laughing on a daily basis. Like his music, his humor is my therapeutic medicine for the soul.

He Love His Career…

Ethically speaking, when it comes to character I have to find someone who loves their career. When you wake up in the morning, and you dread going to work — it’s like a sure painful and slow death. You can tell by the enthusiasm and hours he puts into his passion that his work is not a job – it is a career. Pip truly loves what he does for a living.

His Heart is Tremendous…

Time cannot possibly allow me to elaborate on how wonderful this man truly is. I feel like I have talked everyone’s ears off about him. But beyond his YiM foundation, he has such a kind heart. It is unfathomable how many amazing qualities he possesses.  I mean a) he let me host a contest with him which ended up being a celebration of his support system. b) He day and in and day out makes people’s day by talking to them, favoriting a tweet, or just simply saying’ hello.’ It’s wonderful what one little response can do. c) He truly cares about us — his support system. A night that will be forever embedded into my mind is when he saw I was upset and said, ‘Who is being mean to you? We’ll beat ’em up?’ Hahah you don’t wanna mess around with Pip, when says this stuff. 😉 Hahah he’ll go all gangsta on ya. 😉 Anyhoo, back to the point… Philip ‘Pip’ Andrew Arnold is hands down the nicest guy I have ever met. The fact that he is a family man, really makes me happy. Of course, in this lifetime it would be near to impossible for me to land a guy as wonderful as him. But for the purposes of this assignment, let’s just say he will be forever more the Renaissance man who stole my heart.


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