Tristan MacManus – Ready to Light Up The All Star Cast With Irish Charm

It’s just not the stars who are getting the buzz for the much-anticipated ‘All Star’ season of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Fan favorite pros are returning to deliver spectacular performances. One of them is the massive crowd pleaser – Tristan MacManus. The Irish cutie partners up with Season 10 alum, Pamela Anderson and begins the all-star journey on the show’s premiere on September 24th. Before he stunningly captured our hearts in Season 12 as a member of the DWTS Troupe (later on as a pro for Nancy Grace and Gladys Knight) Tristan built up quite the resume. As a youngin in Europe, MacManus won many junior and Amateur competitions. After years of honing his well-crafted skills he became a part of productions such as Oliver! and Aladdin. More productions like the smash-hit Burn The Floor were added onto his credits. Which afterwards he landed a spot on the show. He gained so much fan acclaim on DWTS that by Season 14, he was selected as the male pro in the special ‘Design A Dance’ segment. I recently spoke with MacManus about DWTS, and his life as a dancer.

You were a part of the smashing sensation ‘Burn The Floor.’ How would you describe your experience w/ the show? 

‘Burn The Floor’ was an amazing experience, the first show that made me open my eyes to a new way of dancing. I found it very difficult to establish myself in the show for many years and left and came back alot but it made me come back stronger each time to be accepted in the same group of talent that the show had. I met some amazing people and got to travel the world and was another step to where I am now.

What was it like transitioning from Troupe to pro? 

The step from Troupe to getting a partner was great, but it made me realise that people don’t really get the troupe. I think people feel as those the troupe are of a different standard in a way they forget that we are all pros and work equally as hard, we just don’t get the coverage of someone who may dance with a celebrity. The troupe is unbelievable and each and every one of them would be fully capable of stepping up. Unfortunately at the minute there aren’t many openings but anything can happen.

3) This is now your 3rd season, what has been the biggest take away you’ve learned? 

This is my third season being partnered with a celebrity but its my fourth season on the show, I have learned alot. I think its fair to say that you can’t judge somebody by what is written about them(which I never do but seems a common thing for people to do) and I’ve learned that sometimes some truths aren’t the whole truth and certainly that words can be completely taken out of context and that some people will simply not like you so no matter how hard you try you have to focus on the positives.

4) My first impression of Pamela was _________. 

I was delighted to meet Pam for the first time, we hit it off straight away she has a great personality, very funny and very intelligent and I think no matter how long this experience lasts that I’ve met somebody very special that I will have in my life for a long long time. Very very interesting and strong person who in my opinion deserves  a lot more than she gets.

5) In six words, describe your life as a dancer. 

Best time ever every single day

Check out Tristan on DWTS’s Season Premiere – September 24th! Check local listings! 

Here’s My Favorite MacManus Performance:


Editor’s Note: Apologies on Q3. I asked him about his Troupe experience, but completely forgot to add to his seasons when I came up with the questions at 1:30 in the morning. 😉 Thank you Tristan for the interview. It was a pleasure! The ex-ballroom student in me was definitely fangirling inside. 😉 A momentous moment in my career as a journalist. 

One thought on “Tristan MacManus – Ready to Light Up The All Star Cast With Irish Charm

  1. This is an excellent interview – such well thought-out questions and equally well-considered and thoughtful answers. Thanks so much for doing this, both of you, and good luck to Tristan and Pamela in the All-Star Season! I hope it’s a great experience for them both. I know it will be for me, being lucky enough to watch these gorgeous, generous-hearted, and intelligent people, working together in this fun adventure.

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