Dare To Dream The Impossible – My ‘Impossible Dream’ to Dance With Tristan MacManus

There are those who dream, and there are those who act on their dreams even if it hurts. It may be a tough road I travel on, but my ‘impossible dream’ is to someday perform with Tristan MacManus.

Why The Dancer in Me Wants to Fulfill This Dream

When I first saw Tristan perform, it was the first time I was really connected with another dancer’s performance — not just physically but emotionally as well. There was this infectious positive energy. It was not just about skill, technique and showmanship. Tristan dances with so much passion and soul. That really inspired me to push myself as a dancer — not only to be a better dancer, but to really spread the happiness I felt dancing unto others.

Why I Want to FulFill This Dream

Not a day goes by that I disregard my blessings. One thing that forever remains in my heart is family. When Tristan showed that tattoo he has has of ‘Family Over Everything’ it really moved me to tears. Honestly, I would not have the amount of success or respect I do without my family. To see him highly regard his family that it’s a permanent part of his body and soul makes him a fabulous dancer, and more magnificent person.

The amount of patience he has is remarkable. Being on such a popular show, there is a tendency for the head to be consumed by fame. But even when he is frustrated, he has such tolerance and willingness to cooperate that makes his parings successful. We dancers can get so bossy and argumentative sometimes that we lose the bigger picture. Not once have I seen that in Tristan. He has such a kind heart that I really admire him for it. So, whether I get dream fulfilled to the nines with a massive production on a big stage or in an intimate dance studio setting, I know my heart won’t be dancing just then. Dancing with Tristan will make my heart dance on for many, many, many years to come.


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