Pip’s Debut Single Goes Strong

Imagine the End of Summer barbecue on ‘Music Makers’ lane: You might see Pitbull serve up some margaritas as he looks for his next collaboration, Miss Carly Rae Jepsen handing out her number saying, ‘Call Me Maybe’ and a scorned Taylor Swift telling her ex ‘We’re Never EVER getting back together.’ But look out because the gentleman serving up the next latest savory item on the menu is one young man by the name – Pip. With the debut single Who Cares’ he serves up a refreshing taste of what’s to come on his debut album.

Pip takes us musically into the future with a little tast of the past. He fuses the lovable synth sounds of yesterday’s funk and the new contemporary obsession of electronic music. In a musical landscape that continues to drift to the Pop lover’s ears, it’s great to see Pip working with such talented people [Luis Dubuc (Mystery Skulls, The Secret Handshake) and Noah Shain (Cody Simpson, Skrillex, Orson) ] to give an innovative approach to his records.

The record is exactly what radio needs right now, and it’s the sort of music the credited musical industry aficionados look for. Congratulations on a hit getting rave reviews! Over 20,000 hits on YouTube and counting!

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