Anna Trebunskaya – The Sparkler Fires Up ‘Dancing With Stars’ All Stars Cast

Anna and Drew jive away on the second week of ‘Dancing With Stars’ All Stars –  Image Credit belongs to ABC

Sabrina Bryan may be the ‘firecracker’ back in the ballroom this season, but she’s not the only sparkler back on the floor. Anna Trebunskaya joins the all-star cast as the pro component to Team TreLachey (Dew Lachey of the Season 2 champ alum). Many know she has the skills, but just who is Anna Trebunskaya? Anna began dancing at the early age of 6, thanks to her parents who were instructors. The following year she snagged her first competition win at age 7! When she was seventeen, she came to the states from Russia with her parents. Training and competing more, she became a finalist out of 300 people at the biggest ballroom dance competition – Blackpool (Rising Star Latin Championship). Anna is known for her many appearances as a professional on the hit show ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Her husband Jonathan Roberts has been a pro fan favorite  as well. What’s this season been like with Drew? How does she keep so fit, and what was it like being under the red light in week one? Keep reading to find out!

1. Anna, there are a lot of changes to the show since the first season.  What has been the biggest learning curve for you? 

I came in to ‘DWTS ‘ in season 2 as competitive ballroom/latin dancer. Back then it was more “pure” , more about stars learning how to dance and improving. Being technical was really rewarded. Now the show is more theatrical, with more special effects. All of us Pros had to adjust to the changes. I like it – makes me a more rounded performer.

 2. Week one was a huge testament to the fact that no one is safe from being in jeopardy — even a champion. Does that ‘what doesn’t kill you make you stronger’ mentality strengthen the rehearsal process? 

It was a little bit of a “wake up” call. Drew and I always worked hard, but this experience made us a stronger focused team. We don’t take anything for granted.

 3. You have an impressive list of accomplishments, including a Rising Star Latin finalist at the world’s largest ballroom dance competition, Blackpool. What do you consider your biggest achievement both on and off the dance floor?

I really enjoyed competing internationally and representing the USA. Becoming 2nd in Blackpool is one of my career highlights. On the bigger scale, I could never have imagined moving to America and becoming a dancer on national TV.

 4. Hypothetical situation: The theme for the week is Disney Film and Movies (since ABC’s owned by Disney). What would YOUR choice of song and dance be and why? 

Well, people have compared me with Ariel from “The little mermaid.” So, it would have to be “Under the sea.” Now Drew’s favorite song is ” True to your heart” from Mulan, cause he sang it.

 5. There has been plenty of talks over the years of one of the seasons allowing one or a few ‘average Janes and Joes’  to dance with the pros — making YOU the dancers the stars. Would you ever consider doing that season, or would it be a ratings tank for the network? 

I’m glad I  don’t have to make those decisions. I would dance with whoever just cause I love it.

6. Health is a growing concern in the US. You are a very active person complimenting your dancing regiment. What are your passions for health and fitness, and what advice can you give others who are looking into bettering their health?

I do a little bit of everything : yoga, gyrotonic, cardio, and resistance training. I mix and match. My advice would be to make exercising as part of your schedule, make it a habit to exercise .

 7. In dance, there’s a running joke of hoping to find ‘the perfect partner.’ You lucked out, because you not only danced with him, you married him! 😉 What’s it like to be married to Jonathan?

It’s great. Thank you.

 8. You and Drew have a great partner relationship! What has been the best part of having Drew as a partner? 

He is very creative, has a great sense  of humor and hard working. It’s also wonderful to have his family’s support. I love being his partner.

9. An avid ‘DWTS’ viewer, Gail, would like to know about the ‘You Can Dance’ studio, and how people can learn more about it?

Go to  Email us, call us, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter and just visit.

 10. In your six-word-memoir: Describe your life as a dancer in six words. 

Exciting, always changing, sweating sore affair.

Here’s the latest performance of Anna and Drew

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2 thoughts on “Anna Trebunskaya – The Sparkler Fires Up ‘Dancing With Stars’ All Stars Cast

  1. For one thing, I was pleasantly surprised when Bristol was saved despite her low score on Monday night. And Anna and Drew were amazing dancers that looked wonderful together.

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