My Response to Jennifer Livingston’s Eloquent ‘Anti-Bully’ News Brief

Jennifer Livingston,a local news anchor for News 8 in Wisconsin, paused her newscast and responded to a very personal email she received critiquing her weight.

I will not repeat back the cruel words that he wrote, but I will say this. Livingston had one of the most eloquent responses I have ever seen to such a rising issue in the states.

Usually, I like to get all statistic based, and I love to back up my arguments with facts. However, I want tonight’s post to come from the heart. Because I do know how being bullied feels like.

My whole life I dealt with bullies. Whether it was my larger than life personality, or my pint-sized frame (I’m 4’10”) that has never stopped people from taking a hit at me. Bullying affects a person physically and mentally that it becomes almost impossible to put into words.

Lucky for me, I have used the meanness of others as a fuel for striving harder and surviving stronger. Many others are not so lucky. And as Jennifer pointed out in the video, October is ‘Anti-Bullying’ month. I want to use my voice, and recognition amongst my fellow peers and followers on Twitter to say let’s join Jennifer…

Let’s stop the bullying on weight, sexual orientation, religion or any other ideological beliefs or stances. Transforming someone does not happen over night. But studies show that if someone bullies, they’ve most likely have been bullied themselves at one point. So, let’s reach out to them. Let them know that whatever they’re struggling will get better. Let them know that it’s not ok to bring someone else down, because words can turn into action… sometimes fatal actions that we can never take back.

We have a voice, and we can choose to use it. So take the pledge with me. Let’s all take after Jennifer, and let’s pledge to end bullying. Bullying – It stops with me.


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