Michael Jackson’s Bad Celebrates 25th Anniversary- My Remarks on The Landmark Record

 Who doesn’t remember seeing that iconic and fierce expression on MJ’s face opening up on “Bad” the short film (yes, as many of you know it was a short film in addition to the music video) that Scorsese worked his golden magic on?

Now, even though I’m not an 80s kid, being a music lover it was impossible for Jackson’s Bad record not to touch my life in some form. My mother was a Jackson fan, so of course it rubbed off on me.

My Favorite Track

Why is this my favorite track? It’s completely dynamic. It tells a story, there’s conflict, there’s flair and it’s completely Jackson. The production value and the arrangement are incomparable. That catchy bass line hits you in the gut. Jackson’s fast-paced singing in the verses resembling anxiousness.  This isn’t one of your records today for sure. This has instrumentation. This has finesse, and this is a solid hit. The music video. What was so great about this record was that it wasn’t aurally of high standard, it was so visually captivating. These music videos were like mini-films. They really did convey a story to the audience. He hit the choreography, the cinematography and the editing just right. And let’s not forget that slow-mo lean that is so infamous.

What This Record Will Leave

It’s been 25 years, but these records are still as fresh today as they were then. The heart-stopping drum intro in “The Way You Make Me Feel” – “Dun, Dun, Dun.. Duh Duh, Duh, Duh…” The thumping bass line, and the whole record had a host full of hits. Like the aggressive “Dirty Diana,” the sensual “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Who isn’t a fan of “Man In The Mirror?” That song makes you really reflect… and how often does a song do that today? Not often with the Top 40 we’re pushing out.  MJ’s records are legendary. It’s our job to keep it that way. Make sure that the next generation knows how one individual revolutionized the music industry. MJ’s “Bad” will always remind me that you work hard to make something a success. So, when he asks, “Who’s Bad,” the answer is he isn’t: He’s iconic.

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