My Offering of Thanks…

As we sit all gleeful with satisfied and happy tummies, I offer my humble offering of thanks.

Near the end of last year was a challenging time.  When the new year came I made a promise to myself to make 2012 a great year.  Well, my friends… It’s not been a great year – it’s been exceptional.

My Phamily — They’ve seen me through everything and stayed by my side.  This was the year that my dad graduated, my little sister started high school, and my older sister and started our last year of college. Through thick and thin, we’ve been though a lot.  Mom, dad sisters and all… I’m truly thankful that they have been such an astounding group of people I am lucky and humble enough to call my Phamily.

School/Work – Thankful for my education and work is an understatement.  Even though academics can prove to be tough, having the opportunity to work and meet the people I do is pretty humbling and gratifying.

This year my career changed completely.  From interviewing some really phenomenal people to even hosting a contest with Pip.  Doing Bowtie Ambassadors was a life changing experience.  The best part was that in some small way, I was a part of letting a wonderful group of girls share their story of being a marvelous fan family.  Thank you Arnold Clan, Pip and Pipsters. You made my summer, and you made my year.

Interviewing Tristan MacMans (pro dancer from “Dancing With The Stars”) was a whirlwind and incredible.  He’s an absolute gentleman and so gracious.  He gave me the chance to interview a one of my idols, and he gave me back the gift of dance.  After we interviewed, I visited a local studio again to get back into ballroom.  Dance is a passion in mine and I hope that no matter how long I live, I hope to keep it alive.

Oh, did I mention I’ll get to interview Henry Byalikov (DWTS Troupe member) and I had the honor of interviewing Anna Trebunskaya (DWTS pro). Yes, I am one lucky girl.

This year was amazing.  It’s impossible to thank everyone who’s touched my life. I’ve met so many great people this year. So, to you reading this: It doesn’t matter if I’ve known for a year long or hell if you just stumbled on this post, you all helped me grow as a person. This has been one hell of a year. Remember, life’s not about how much you spend in money, it’s how much you spend in thought.  Spend your thought in others, but remember to think positively about yourself. Much love, Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Steph Pham

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