How Tristan MacManus Changed My Life

This gentleman and I share a lot of the same principals. One principal that we both believe in: “Family Over Everything.” Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my “Phamily” and friends. They’ve inspired me to surround myself with others who motivate me in the same positive light. That’s why I’m so grateful to have found a role model in one incredible gentleman: Tristan MacManus.

Even if I received my inductee card into the “Tristan Troupe” a little late, that does not change how amazing this journey has been.

On September 17, I was up at 1 Am trying my hardest to sleep but couldn’t. I reminisced and looked up some clips of dancer that stuck out in my mind — Tristan. Since I was writing a script that night I thought if I were to ever cast this character – he would be him. Little did I know, that night would change my life.

Out of a shot in the dark, I asked Tristan if he would like to do an interview for my site (see interview here: ). He graciously agreed and I could not believe it. He took a chance on a freelance journalist he did not even know.

That interview is one of the most humbling and honoring interviews I conducted in my 10 year career as a journalist. He took a chance on a dreamer and made one of my dreams come true.

He also motivated me to go back to the dance studio. Ever since, I’ve been making it to the dance studio whenever I can. Dance has been a major staple in my life. I formally became a ballroom dancer my junior year of college — finishing off that year a swing dance champion. Returning on the dance floor gave me a joy that is inexpressible. Hopefully, no matter what happens in life I can keep dancing.

Tristan, in the off chance that you read this I seriously cannot say thank you enough. You brought me one of my biggest career honors, you inducted me into an incredible group of friends with the Tristan Troupe (S/O to my divas Gail, Jennifer and Travis ;)) and you took my heart to happiness with dancing.

I am so honored that you let me enter your life. You are a gentleman of the highest standards and have one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen. Your wise and sage words gave me that daily “oomph” to keep me going. You give back and honor your family in such a tremendous way, I only hope I can do the same one day.

Carol (Tristan’s mum), you are an angel. I appreciate the follow more than you’ll know. You raised one of the world’s most classiest and sweetest men. Thank you for your kindess, I only hope to give your family it back.

Tristan, it’s been a dream of mine for a while to dance with you. I only hope it can come true. You say your mission in life is to inspire one person to take that inspiration and spread it unto others. Well, Tristan you inspired me and my dancing feet has hopefully done the same. Stay kind and talented. You’ll always be my “lucky charm.”

Steph Pham

One thought on “How Tristan MacManus Changed My Life

  1. What a beautiful tribute, Stepanie! You are such a lovely, sweet, and above-all talented girl – I so hope all your dreams come true – starting with your dream to dance with Tristan! The best of luck in the world – you deserve it!

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