The Difference Between Super Fan and Super Bad

When you bond over a favorite artist, band or performer with someone it can be a joyous experience. When people take that experience and put down others – that’s when I draw the line.  I saw someone last night  “defending” one of my favorite performers when she clearly had clouded judgement. This so called “fan” was verbally harassing others and acting as if it was perfectly ok. I don’t know if she’s watched the news recently, but cyber bullying is something that I am highly against. It harms so much more than people can ever understand. Being a fan should mean supporting not only the artists but others in the fan community.

I have been a part of several fan communities. From TV shows, to boy bands to dancers – I’ve seen everything. I witnessed the sweethearts ranging all the way up to the crazies on the fan scale. Even though I’ve seen some bad things there are pros to joining a group of fans.

One of the best fan bases I’ve been lucky to be involved with are the Pipsters. I have yet to see them get catty with each other. They really take their friendships to heart and lead by Pip’s example of being kind to one another. That’s what fan bases should be about. And as someone who had the lucky opportunities that I have, I am thankful for the people who support rather that tear someone down.

So my message to anyone who reads this: We love all forms of entertainment because it unites us. Sure, some fans are going to see the spotlight more than others but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part in helping the fan bases we love grow. The only crown to the “best fan” out there is a metaphorical one. Let’s end the cyber bullying and remember why we love music, art or any other platform in the first place – because it brings people together. Spread the love and I promise you, it’ll come back.

– Steph Pham

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