2013 – The Year of Chances

There’s been a whole lot of ungratefulness lately. Not only seeing it in myself but others too. It’s hard to ignore the daily struggles. Though we must remember that someone else’s circumstance may be much harsher than ours. One must move on beyond the negative thinking. Negativity is a powerful force. Instead of pondering on the negative, the new year should be spent in doing and thinking positively.

This year I was lucky. I hosted a contest with one of my biggest role models (Pip from “The Voice”) and I interviewed my favorite dancer (Tristan MacManus). Above all of that, one of the best things this year was watching my dad walk down the aisle and accept his diploma. It taught me a major life lesson.

Was going to work, raising a family and going to school a risk? Yes. Was it hard? You bet. He didn’t let that stop him though. He took chances and followed through to get his degree. That kind of determination… no matter how long it took taught me a big lesson to stick with it and go after my dreams.

My Phamily’s my rock and in 2013, I hope we all do BIGGER, BETTER and more AMAZING things bigger than we’ve hoped for. I love you guys.

My message to all of you: Dare to dream. And like Nike says, “Just Do it.” There’s a favorite quote of mine from Strictly Ballroom. It goes, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” Next year, don’t fear – live. Cheers and may 2013 be BIGGER than all your dreams you have.


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