Tristan MacManus to be Next Guest on “Dancing With The Stars: Behind The Curtain”

TrisWhat: A Live Chat/ Google Hangout

Who: Professional Dancer on DWTS – Tristan MacManus

When: Jan. 6th at 3PM PST/6PM EST

Where:  My Youtube Channel

Join me for another installment of “Dancing With The Stars: Behind The Curtain” with special guest: Tristan MacManus.

My co-hosts (Maria and Jennifer) will be talking to Tristan about what he’s up to in the off season, his upcoming fundraiser event in Jersey, and what’s to come on S16 of DWTS.

Join us for some fun times and remember you can always click on the actual video of the interview and comment with your questions. Can’t wait to see you there! Really looking forward to this.

Steph Pham

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Conversationalist. Producer. DREAMER.

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