Upcoming Guests on “DWTS: Behind The Curtain!”

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Hi, there!

I know it’s been kind of quiet since we interviewed Tristan on our show.  That’s all about to change!  We’re about to be busy bees over here at “DWTS: Behind The Curtain.”

January 20th 3PM PST – We tentatively (that’s because we still have to see if he competes that day or not) have honorary Troupe member and featured DWTS dancer Armen Way.  He’s danced on the show in such numbers as the Pam Anderson finale number with Tristan and the amazing MJ tribute number. Armen was also a dancer in DWTS: Live in Las Vegas. So we’ll be able to talk about that! So excited.

February 10th 3PM PST – The fabulous Kristyn Burtt who hosts the AfterBuzz TV DWTS show will join us for a “The View” styled round table discussion. We’ll talk about EVERYTHING for Season 16. From the possibility of new judges to which pros are returning, who will be the new pros and of course the big one… Which stars will be in the cast! The talk will be fierce, real and of course fun!

February 17th – From the DWTS Troupe, the magnificent Sharna Burgess will talk to us about her career, the show and tons more! We’re lucky to have such a gorgeous, talented and brilliant dancer on our show. She’ll have plenty to discuss as far as DWTS. Come join us!

February 24th 3PM PST – Another lovely Troupe dancer Sasha Farber will give his insights to who he thinks should be a part of the cast (which will be announced on Feb. 28th), how his tour with Ballroom With A Twist went and more! Farbs is one of my absolute favorites. He’s a sweetheart and such a fabulous dancer.

As you can see we have a lot to look forward to! We’d love for you to join us! Please tweet me (@stephlpham) with any questions you have for the pros or our special roundtable with Kristyn. We’d love to include any pre-show questions to add onto the live discussion. You can even comment on this post and I’ll make sure they’re a part of the show!

Thanks for all of your support! It’s been nothing but fun. See you at the show!

Steph Pham

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