Michael Bublé – Sophisticated Hitmaker Releases New Music

buble The  combination of a snazzy tuxedo, silky smooth voice and killer charismatic personality means one thing. Nope, I’m not talking about JT with his suit and tie. I’m talking about Michael Bublé.  The 37 year old musician (and soon to be dad) released his eighth studio record, To Be Loved.  To Be Loved shows a sophisticated growth and continued innovation in Buble’s sound. The collection of signature standards and originals are a intelligent display of Buble’s phenomenal skill set as a songwriter and singer.

His lead single, “It’s a Beautiful Day,” is a unique “kiss off” song that’s unexpected from the crooner of love songs. Lyrics like “And even if it started raining/You won’t hear this boy complaining/‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away” serve as empowering words for anyone who needs that extra “oomph” getting over a nasty break up. The tone is not forced. It naturally feels dance-like and buoyant.

The collaborations serve as a sweet addition to the record. Each duet is so different. There’s a rhythmic  beat to Bryan Adam’s number with Bublé. It’s an  addicting track that Adams provides with captivating vocals.  Reese Witherspoon’s number with Bublé is my favorite. Her softspoken and beautiful voice are the perfect compliment to Bublé’s melodies for an extremely romantic track. Ever since Naturally 7 opened for Bublé on his “Call Me Irresponsible” tour, they’ve been a wonderful force together. The a cappella group’s seamless blend of harmonies don’t make them the supporting role. They truly shine on their own next to Michael’s talents.

The whole album’s Pièce de résistance has to be the unsung heroes. When I saw Bublé live in ‘08, his musicians were world class and they had so much vitality and conviction.  They perfectly matched Bublé’s larger than life personality. The brassy horns and scintillating string section all have their moments to shine on this album. They are some of the best instrumentalists around, and it’s no wonder that Michael continues to work with them. Alan Chang is more than just his pianist and musical director. He’s the brilliant co-songwriter behind Bublé’s past hits like “Everything” and “Lost.” Michael thanks him in the credits and rightfully so. The originals have shown growth in Michael’s vocal abilities wonderfully express where Michael is at in his life. The production value is not overdone and really make the primary focus of Bublé’s versatility. Bob Rock does a fantastic job as Bublé’s producer.

Overall, Michael’s innovative album is a perfect thesis for his artistic sound. He maintains that signature standard sound he grew up with but tries new things. Bublé shows again that he pushes his boundaries as a musician. To Be Loved  is definitely worth the investment. If he comes to a town near you, GO SEE HIM! You’ll get a great set of singing mixed with hilarious comedy and a marvelous night of entertainment. For an eighth studio album, Buble’s compilation shows the world what it’s like To Be Loved.

For All The Latest Information on Appearances and Tour Dates Visit MichaelBuble.com 

You Can Get To Be Loved on iTunes, at Target retailers and wherever music is sold. 

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