Building a Dream “Dancing With The Stars” Routine

If anyone’s ever stumbled upon my blog in the past… They’ve probably heard me go on and on about my dream to dance with “Dancing With The Stars” pro, Tristan MacManus. That’s still a dream, but I’d like to add others to it.

The Male Pros – Let’s start with the Troupe members. Henry Byalikov and Sasha Farber. These two energizing and charismatic dancers know how to work the floor. UNBELIEVABLE talent, and hey they’re easy on the eyes. 😉 Henry has been a major sweetheart (we did the 1st ep of DWTS:BEHIND THE CURTAIN TOGETHER! WOO!), and Sasha is just a teddy bear. He’s so sweet and as much as I’ve supported him, he’s supported me right back. Love you Farbs and H! So, for the DWTS male pros?  Well, obviously Tristan. He’s been the lucky charm that got me back into dancing, launched my DWTS blogging career, and he’s a remarkable dancer. The other male pro would have to be Val Chmerkovskiy. I wasn’t fond of the Chmerkovisky brothers at first. What Val did with Zendaya was mind blowing. I thought Anna Trebunskaya and Evan Lysacek’s Argentine Tango was the best one of the series? Nope. It was the one Val and Zendaya did. INCREDIBLE.

The Female Pros: From the troupe, I’d love to dance with Emma Slater and Witney Carson. Emma is a bombshell that has precision talent like no other. Her choreo and technique are off the charts. Not to mention she’s a lovely girl. Witney is like a dueling pistol. You never know when she’s gonna strike… and BAM! She’s sharp, fiery and dangerous in the sultry department. The girl delivers sensuality in a dance. For the pros… I’d love to dance with Anna Trebunskaya and Sharna Burgess. These two powerful ladies are just incredible on the floor. The emulate what a strong female dancer in ballroom can do.

The Style: I’d have to go with this massive big mash-up routine. Start out with something cheeky like a Cha-Cha to Lady Marmalade, transition into a sexy rumba with “Something Stupid” by Michael Bublé and Reese Witherspoon, then finish strong with a Samba to “Magalehna.”

In all seriousness, I just want to say that I do dream of dancing with these incredible people. I chose them for a reason. Whether it’s inspiration from interacting with them, or watching them they do make me want to dance. They tell stories, they lift spirits and touch hearts.
Sasha and Emma: I can’t say enough good words about you both. You two rock my world. So sweet and so talented. Thank you for everything. Tris: Everyone knows how badly I want the chance to dance with you.  There’s a rare genuine quality about your artistry. Keep killing it on the dance floor, and maybe one day we will dance together. Henry: H! You are personified charisma. So nice and killer talent that shows every time you dance. Major Major props. Hope we can dance together! Sharna: Babe! You’re the rocker chick that worked really hard to get where she is, but earned it earnestly with a big amount of talent. LOVE you, girl. And I can’t wait to print our interview when it’s finished. To the rest of the pros, I wouldn’t have taken a step in dance if it weren’t for you all. Thanks for giving something I’m so passionate about. Maybe this routine will happen someday. Who knows? Crazier things have happened.

Steph Pham

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