WhoDunnit Under The Magnify Glass – Melina

Melina Alvez competes on ABC's "WhoDunnit."
Melina Alvez competes on ABC’s “WhoDunnit.”

Tonight on “WhoDunnit” the murder of the Ex-Homicide cop goes under investigation. We’ve seen a fish tank crash, a flaming corpse, and last week’s crime was an explosion at the Rue Manor Estate. Needless to say, drama, fear, and game play are in no short supply. A contestant who seems to be standing out with the audience is Flight Attendant, Melina Alvez. This spirited young lady tells me more about life inside the murder filled mansion.

 Audiences LOVE riding along with you guys and they love the game play aspect of solving the crimes as you the house guests receive clues. What’s it been like for you interacting with the audience week to week? 

Interacting with the audience has been amazing! I absolutely love getting to know everyone who is excited about the show. It’s an incredible experience to be able to share my insights and also hear the insights of those who are watching and rooting for you every moment. Unfortunately it can’t be the Melina show, so it’s great to be able to interact with the audience and share things about me that maybe you didn’t learn on the show. Yes… I do cry a lot! LOL! And it’s funny to see the audience interaction. Some people think I’m acting and some people think I’m overreacting some people think I’m just Cray Cray. It’s really funny, but once you get to know me and once you understand the process you begin to see how it’s all genuine.

Dontae spoke with me a little bit about the mental toll the game takes on you. Can you elaborate with some of the viewers who might not grasp the concept of being in a house for a period time, and basically being shut off from the outside world? 

I think the thing a lot of people have a difficult time understanding is just how intense and how real the environment that we’re put in really is to us. It’s not like we filmed for a few hours then went home after filming. We were fully immersed into the house and all of its glory. We knew the murders weren’t real, but the stress of competing for $250,000 was and the stress of not knowing who you can trust was. So,to everyone in the house…it was as real as it could get.

The riddles seem to increase in difficulty week-to-week. Tell us what you can about the triumphs and struggles during those “solve the riddle” challenges.

I think the riddles took everyone by surprise, it added an element to the game no one was expecting. If you don’t pay attention to all the clues in the riddle you may find yourself scared. To me the riddle offers the “missing” puzzle piece to solve the murder accurately.

When you first saw Sheri dead as the first victim, what was your first impression?

My first thought was “who the heck is that?!” And “what just happened?!?!” we hadn’t been at the house for very long! I thought we were going to have more time to get to know each other before someone died!

The cast can be seen on Twitter conversing together a lot. Are you guys really close post-filming since you didn’t really have a chance to get to know each other aside from playing the game? 

Yes!! We’re also so close, because of the intensity of the show. We are the only ones who truly understand the entire experience of being on this show

Those dinners when the cards are passed out look so stressful. Could you cut the tension with a knife on how tense those dinners could get? 

You could definitely sense the stress level! We all shared as much information with each other that we were comfortable sharing. So you really don’t know if you’ve been lied to until Giles reads to us the details of the murder written my the murderer him/herself. The moments leading up to the reveal I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m second guessing myself on EVERYTHING! That’s when the panic sets in and the tears flow out. In that moment I’m faced with my doom! Either I “live” another day or my chances at $250,000 are killed.

Even though there is a killer amongst the crowd, that doesn’t mean genuine friendships aren’t made. Who would you say you were the closest with during your duration of the show?
It’s hard to sum it up to just one person or a couple people. The way the game is played you have to be open to everyone bc the way to stay alive is to know all the facts and share information. So far in the first couple episodes I have been closest to Sasha and Dana.

I want to know, how hard was it to sleep at night during the game? I know I would have a tough time. 

It was near impossible. Between fish tanks crashing, fire alarms at 4:38am, and golf carts exploding…it’s nearly impossible to “rest” peacefully. The moment you finally get some quiet time you are reliving the entire day. Going over your notes, recalling people’s body language and how they communicated with you, you’re thinking about the evidence you have collected and what you might still be missing. And who you might think the killer could be.

I myself, don’t usually venture into Haunted Houses (except at Disney World). Did you get that eery feeling walking into the house for the first time? Or was it when Giles was walking down the stairs, and you were pointing out “Hey! Creepy Man walking down the stairs!”

I scare VERY easy…I’m a bit animated all the time. So I never do the whole haunted house thing, I don’t even watch scary movies. Lol So to answer your question …. YES!!! I was thoroughly freaked out! I was a little nervous leading to the moment when I saw Giles bc I wasn’t sure what was going on yet…then when I saw the creepy man walking down the stairs I freaked! When no one else noticed him I immediately thought it was a ghost!

In you six word memoir, sum up in six words your experience on “WhoDunnit?” 

A lot of FUN & very humbling!

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