Derek Hough to Host New ABC Show

Derek Hough turns in his dancing shoes for a hosting cap as he MCs a new one-hour ABC special on August 25th at 9pm EST. “Family Dance Off” will get the chance for families to showcase their passion and love for dance. The family that dances together, could leave rich together. The winner from an audience vote wins $10,000.

If this litmus test proves in the TV pilot season successful, big things aside from dancing could be in Hough’s future. His sister, Julianne, already ventured in the acting and singing world.  Derek Hough also ventured into the acting world and starred in the feature film, Make Your Move 3D.  The question remains… What does this mean for his “Dancing With The Stars” career? Before season 16, Hough said he wouldn’t return, but at the last minute partnered with Kellie Pickler to take home the trophy for the fourth time.

So Hough fans, get ready to her “Here’s your host… DEREK HOUGH,” instead of “Dancing the cha cha _______ … And her partner, Derek Hough.”

Click here to go read the ABC Press Release.

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