This One’s For You, Joey McIntyre…

Dear Joe,

I came across your speech tonight from ‘Duets at Dusk.” I don’t even know where to begin to say not only how proud I am of you, but how much respect and love I have for you.

I know that speech and event happened months ago, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still one of the most caring and down to earth role models out there.

There’s only 4 more shows left on the package tour, and I keep kicking myself I didn’t see you guys in OKC. I know not having enough money to afford tickets isn’t a great excuse, but for a recent college grad, it’s the truth.

I’m currently unemployed, and seeing the financial burdens my parent’s are going through pain me. The job hunt’s a bitch, and it kills me that no matter how many interviews I get, resumes I send, that doesn’t help pay the bills. Some would find it hard to believe, but the 10 record gets me through. It makes me happy, all of your music does.

Epic moments like the one of you belting “Please Don’t Girl” at iHeartRadio — implying that the possibility of NKOTB leaving isn’t near — really do lift my spirits up.

Whether you make me laugh with your spontaneous goofiness, or make me cry with your sincerity I have to thank you. I’m proud to be one of the “million sisters.” I won’t give up on my dreams. And in your own words, “and it’s because of you.”

Love you, Joe Mac.

— Steph aka A proud MacPacker

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