Blockfest: A Benefit Idea for New Kids On The Block

I always had a dream planning a charity benefit for the New Kids On The block. They’re known as performers, but they also work close with a lot of organizations. Joe ran the Boston Marathon in hopes of raising money for the Alzheimer’s Foundation (for which is personal for him since his mother suffer’s from the horrid disease). He also recently attended The Ear and Eye Infirmary of Massachusetts’s Gala (His young son Rhys suffers from severe hearing loss). Danny Wood set up the Remember Betty Foundation to honor his mother who lost her life to breast cancer. Jonathan has been known to speak up for the Trevor Project – the organization who rescue teens from suicide and help them with bullying issues.

It means a lot to me that they use their platform for good, so I thought I’d mix the best of the showmanship part of their careers with the philanthropic.

A few editor notes: 

I made a Prezi (powerpoint on steroids), to present my idea. There are few places that might need explanation, but if they do I’ll probably write a longer blog explaining more my vision. 

Prezi is great, but can be tricky if the viewer doesn’t know how to use it. Simply click on the link to full screen. Don’t hit play, because you won’t be able to read each slide on your own pace. Just click the full screen icon, and click allow to use the keyboard as a command. 

Finally, this is just for fun, a mere fantasy. But if you really like it, please tell the guys! Either on FB or Twitter! 

Without further ado, I present: Blockfest: The Ultimate NKOTB Benefit Block Party!

Click here to go to view the presentation.

4 thoughts on “Blockfest: A Benefit Idea for New Kids On The Block

    1. Oh, my gosh! Thank you for your comment! It really is just a fantasy, but if it really happened, I’d be happy know the blockheads came together for a cause. 🙂 Than you so much! Let me know if you want to talk about this more!

  1. Steph this is a great idea. I work with non-profits to help them raise money at fundraising events. You have some great ideas. Is there an e-mail that I can chat with you to give you a few ideas on how you might be able to get this to happen?

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