#TuneTuesday – New Jesse McCartney – #JMacIsBack!

Artist: Jesse McCartney jmac

Song: Back Together

Record: Back Together – Single

Label – Eight0Eight 

Jesse McCartney, famous for “Beautiful Soul” and penning the smash hit “Bleeding Love” with Ryan Tedder, released his track “Back Together” today. McCartney is currently on the “In A World Like This” tour with The Backstreet Boys.

McCartney’s last single was back in 2010 with “Shake.” After cutting ties with the the Disney owned label – Hollywood Records, Jesse is ready to get back to what he does best – MUSIC.

“Back Together” is definitely McCartney’s own signature sound. Although some say it might be a splash of JT with a hint of Bruno Mars, the track is completely his own. Perfect for a cruise in the car or a stroll on the dance floor. He’s proved that age hasn’t affected his vocals, and his falsetto can still make a grown woman swoon. It’s easy-going, and the instrumentals are almost stripped down to an acoustic record.

Good to see that Jesse McCartney isn’t falling into the traps of auto-tune, dubstep and over production. The record has a sophistication and class of JT, but the fun spunk of Bruno Mars.

An EP is announced to be released soon, and then a full album to follow. McCartney follows a common trend now. Many big time pop artists have dropped their labels and gone their own way (Hanson, New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys). The track is a far cry from what you would expect from Hollywood Records.

There’s a whole lot of class, sass, fun and overall a great record produced by JMac. Out of 5 stars, I give it a 4/5! So go on… dance your little booty off to this wonderful summertime track.

Click here to purchase the single on iTunes.

Follow Jesse on Twitter: @JesseMcCartney.

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