Pro Gleb Savenchenko Talks ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 17

Gleb Savchenko giving a dance assist with Sharna Burgess to ChristIna Grimmie for the 300th episode. - Photo Courtesy of ABC
Gleb Savchenko giving a dance assist with Sharna Burgess to ChristIna Grimmie for the 300th episode. – Photo Courtesy of ABC

The ballroom battle of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ returns on September 16. While fans are hoping the return of Russian Roué, Maks Chmerkovisky, they also request the comeback of last season new comer pro dancer – Gleb Savchenko. Gleb partnered up with Lisa Vanderpump on Season 16. No confirmation of returning pros have been official yet, but Gleb and I discuss the upcoming season. Plus we talk about memories of his first season as a pro, his off season, and ladies he’s even designing an underwear line. Read below to see what else is happening in Savenchenko’s life.

If you return, what are you looking forward to most as a pro on Season 17?

I’m looking forward to new challenges, creating new and exciting choreography. It will be a new format of the show with everything on one day, super intense.

The Trio you performed with Val and Zendaya received a lot of praise and even a perfect score. What was it like rehearing and then performing that routine with them?

It was a great experience to work with Val and Zendaya. I have known Val for many, many years – since we were competing together and he was always a great dancer and creating something together for DWTS, was a really enjoyable time for me plus Zendaya is an extremely talented girl.

Tell us what you enjoy doing on your off season from the show.

My off season has been quite busy. I was doing shows and competitions, was teaching in Hong Kong and Australia. After the show finished, I became a regular in the gym and got my fitness level back to peak condition. I spent lots of quality time with my gorgeous family.

I also spent a lot of time creating and finalizing my underwear collection which is coming out in September. It’s called “GS Collection” it’s very simple, stylish and comfortable. Anyway who knows better than me what kind of underwear to wear, I’m a dancer and it must be very comfortable and stylish – which it is.

Out of an Argentine Tango, a Paso Doble and a Viennese Waltz which would be your favorite to choreograph and perform?

I would love to choreograph rumba and contemporary style, but any of the dances I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with great choreography.

How are you handling a rapid gain in popularity from the show?

I’m enjoying it 😉 I think it’s normal when you are part of such a big TV show, you become popular automatically.

What’s the key to nailing the performance aspect of a dance and not just the technical portion of a routine?

It is hard to master something that is never can be mastered… What I mean by that is, it’s not possible to have perfect technique or choreography – there is always some one better than you, or a better idea that you come up with later, but you have to try your best. And it’s important to make your celebrity partner confident and that she will feel comfortable on that dance floor. You have to be sure in what your doing and what kind of message you want to send to the audience. Of course, training, the more hours you spend on the ballroom, preparing your performance the better it will be.

What was your biggest challenge in your first season as a pro?

The biggest challenge is to teach someone how to dance in such a limited time, a person who has a zero dance experience, but this is the main component of the show, you only have a couple of days to make a specific routine and go out there and perform it in front of millions of people.

If you could relieve any moment from Season 16, what would it be?

I have a lots of great memorable moments in my head right now, but the most of it I think it was performing together with Val and Zendaya and doing the show number with Sharna.

Who would you pick as a celebrity partner if you could choose?

I think I don’t have really anyone who I would prefer and really want to dance with just wish to have, someone nice with a great personality.

Anything you would like to say to your supporters?

I would like to say a huge thanks for the support and if I’m on the next season please vote, vote and vote some more and I will try to create a great choreography and entertain you guys!!!  You guys are the BEST!

Thanks for the interview, Gleb! Best wishes on the upcoming season. 

Click here to follow Gleb on Twitter: @Gleb_Savchenko 

All new season of #DWTS begins on September 16th. 

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