Dear Joe Mac: Part Deux

Joseph, Joey, Joe…

I may not be as eloquent with words as you are, but I still love expressing myself through writing. My #BHs who read my blog post on #TheKid, on top of your own post tonight, inspired me to continue my letter to you.

ONE POST alone cannot describe what you mean in my life. Where do I even begin? Yes, there are fans out there who have been with you since the start. I wish I was that fortunate. I can tell you so many beautiful and wonderful things have happened since you came into my life.

One little anecdote that I’d like to share is how you helped me through a really big rough patch in college. It was towards the end of the  Fall Semester in ’11. My academic career was on the line. It was like a emotional storm of bad luck came riding in. Between almost failing a class, a family emergency, and being in a financial tough spot it was hard to have hope and faith.

One night, I was in the library with my sister, and I looked up some of your videos with Eman for your show “One Too Many.” Not only did you make me laugh with things like your now famous Twitter rant (I still laugh at the “THAT’S NOT LURKING” punchline to this day ;)), you also warmed my heart.  “2 In The Morning” Acoustic is still one of my favorites. The “Fix You”  cover with just your voice and Eman on the Piano… My heart was broken at the time. My soul was a mere shadow. Hearing that song from your beautiful voice was telling me everything was going to be ok. It truly healed my heart and soul.

You’ve inspired me more than you can ever imagine through your actions of love, your display of being a wonderful father, brother, and role model.  “The Kid” is just a small slice of all the wonderful and big adventures to come your way.

Joe, I heard something recently that reminded me of you:

” You need humility. The definition of humility is to live in accordance with truth.  So you don’t think of yourself as bigger or less. Just live with truth.”

Joe, you’ve always baked the best Hollywood Humble Pie. In your words, “Stay The Same,” and I will be behind you no matter what. Enjoy the rest of your run, Kid. Sending all my love over to you in Denver.

“Some people look for the answer, I don’t waste my time like I used to do. Oh, no… And the difference is you.” 

– SP

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