Top 5 Things on My Joe Mac Bucket List

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that Joey McIntyre’s one of my top role models, if not the top (and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about Tristan MacManus, David Henrie, or Harry Shum Jr.). There are SO many activities I’d like to do with him. So, this idea hit me in the shower (like all great ideas do, right?). Below you’ll find my Joe Mac Bucket List. 

5. Go On An Eating Adventure! 

Chocolate CakeFood’s one of my major passions in life. I’m no chef, but my mouth loves a good meal. I’d love to go restaurant hopping, or show him Vietnamese cuisine if he hasn’t tried it yet. If I had to pick one restaurant to take him to it’d be Kim Son in Houston, Texas. That restaurant used to be an annual pilgrimage for my family. Such delicious food, and so many wonderful memories.

4. Sing With Him! 

This video made me want to duet with Joe. Joe’s got one of the best voices in the biz. He was so gracious. Joe even made sure he got the words right, because he didn’t want to ruin Edith’s big moment. She was PHENOMENAL. He chose her from the countless auditions for a great reason… Edith Jeanlouis can SAAAAAAANG, like take your butt to church saaaang. Seeing him in awe of her was one of the sweetest Joe Mac moments ever. I can’t sing well… but if I did, here’s what I’d sing with him.

3. Produce/Host a Show/Event With Him! 


I LOVE live. Live TV, Live theater… there’s nothing like it, because it’s in the moment.  I grew up performing. I was in school plays since 1st grade, sang in the choir, took acting courses. Needless to say I am a MAJOR ham. I love hosting. Getting to know someone, but also have a great time while I do it is the best. Joe would be an awesome co-host. He can think on his feet super quickly, and he’s extremely professional. Not to mention, HI-LAR-IOUS.


The man inspired me to ballroom dance. If it wasn’t for him being on “DWTS,” I wouldn’t have even set foot in a studio. This video is the CUTEST thing ever. He’s someone that’s always been on my “I wish I could dance with…” list.

1. Hug Him



There aren’t enough words in the English language, or any language, that could sum up how much he’s affected my life in a positive way. The simple action of a hug, can mean so many different things. That embrace to me symbolizes a huge thank for everything that he’s done for not only me but for every Blockhead.

These things may never happen, but regardless… Joe you’ll always be my number one. 🙂 May you get to accomplish many things on YOUR bucket list. May all your dreams come true, and thank you for inspiring me to chase mine. 


– SP



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