I Got All My Million Sisters & Me – Dear Joey McIntyre, Part Troi

Editor’s note: I apologize for all of the recent JoeMac Cray Cray on my blog. I haven’t unleashed the fan girl on here in awhile, BUT it’s been fun hearing the feedback from the other Blockheads. So, why not? 

Joseph, Joey, Joe…

Tonight, I want to celebrate the happy moments.

July 2011. My best friend LOVED Backstreet Boys her WHOLE life, and never got to see them in concert. I wasn’t planning on going to NKOTBSB. Seeing how excited she was changed my mind, and I’m so glad I did. That was the first time I saw “Please Don’t Go Girl” live. You took something that people would describe as a cheesy 90s pop song, and you turned it into a story. It was the first time in a long time that I forgot all my worries, all the drama and left all my fears behind me.

December 2011. You like to tweet and dash. Right? 😉

 [IT’S NOT LURKING! ;)]  One night you had one of your lovely Twitter sprees. I thought all my attempts to get you to follow me were done. I shamelessly spammed you before. BUT I’ll never forget what I tweeted you. “Joe, I think my follow button wants a taste of your jingle balls… or your candy cane.” I didn’t think anything would come of it… I went on, and looked at other stuff. I checked your profile again, and it said, “@joeymcintyre is now following you.” WHAT? A silly tweet did the trick? I was pretty shocked, but Joe… that follow’s made the happiest girl up till this day.

August 2013. Once again… you went on a Twitter spree.  I saw fellow BH Gigi RT’ing a tweet from Stacey saying how much she loved your tweet spree. I tweeted her back, and told her ‘I do too! Joe’s the sweetest. I don’t even know why he still follows me to this day. haha I love me some Joe.’ To which you replied:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 11.32.41 AM

I can’t remember the last time I did the whole: Taylor Swift fangirl/shocked face.

Taylor Swift-1432413

or the infamous ugly Kim Kardashian crying:


You really made me happy. After months of stewing in, what my friend calls, ‘corn chips and sadness,’ you gave me a really big smile. Sometimes the simplest things can make someone really happy.

Joey, look at the title… It’s not about Twitter. It’s about how you introduced me to an amazing group of ladies known as the Blockheads. These ladies havee their own families. They have troubles of their own, but they go out of their way for one another, because that’s who we are – we’re Blockheads a sisterhood. They gave me so much support over the years. We follow the leadership in love that our 5 brothers give us, and you my dear have given us so much love.

Thank you Joe for giving us music that we all turn to when we want to smile, cry, or we simply just want to have a great time. Thank you so much for the laughter. From the countless comedic bits with Eman I can still recite, to your quipped and hilarious sarcastic humor, my heart thanks you for making me laugh in times when it didn’t seem like I could.

Donnie says, “We hear it all the time. ‘Oh, you made my day.’ They don’t how much they make our day.”

Joe…  you make my day every day. Cheers. Continue to rock that stage in “The Kid.” We’re rooting for you.

“And I hope you always stay the same, ’cause there’s nothin’ ’bout you I would change.”


xoxo SP

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